Hamilton (Comic-)Book Tag


Behold, a book tag based on Hamilton songs! I found it on Rustling Reads, and it was created by Maureen Keavy. I’m doing it with a twist — all comic book answers! That’s mostly what I’ve been reading lately, and the categories seemed to work much better for the massive longform storytelling genre anyway. I tag anyone who wants to do it!


Um, Batman?


Golden Age Black Canary. She was way more feminist than Wonder Woman, y’all. The action was more believable, her character was less over-the-top, the art was delightful, it’s just great stuff.

“We’re losing time! Take the crystal from her– ughh!” “You’ll die for this!” “You’ll have to catch me asleep first!” (from


Loki, of course. Especially new younger Loki. Although really a lot of Golden and Silver Age villains could give him a run for his money.


Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. I can’t even think of another one.

Booster Gold Blue Beetle
“Who, me?” “Who, him?” “Who, us?” “Nothing!” (Martian Manhunter #24, 2000)


Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer! They were so great together, so evenly matched, had so much chemistry (unlike Batman and literally anyone he’s ever dated). I’m still just so upset DC never let them get married.

“Marry me, Mags.”


“POV” is a vague concept in comics, but my favorite big crossover event books are Blackest Night from DC and Original Sin from Marvel. (I thought by the end of Blackest Night the resolution wasn’t so great, but overall it was good and not too hard to follow. Original Sin is pretty short/limited in scope, as far as events go, and works as a complete story in one chunky volume.)


Coagula. It’s not okay to kill off the queer characters and never bring them back. Or, Trickster, so he and Pied Piper can be in love again. Maybe there’s a version alive now, I can’t quite tell who’s who from the Wikipedia page.

Coagula Doom Patrol
“You’re right, Cliff. You can’t prove who you are. None of us can. If we try to prove we exist, we’re just suckers. And if we ask other people to tell us we’re real, we’ve lost everything.” Coagula, Doom Patrol #74


I can’t actually think of any that stand out, so can I cheat and name some from movies? The choreography is spectacular all the way through Captain America: Civil War, and I also love the climax of Doctor Strange for not being a straightforward fight scene.


These aren’t superhero books, but pretty much any of the one-volume things from Warren Ellis. Ignition City and Anna Mercury are both labeled as volume ones, and spend their whole volumes setting up really interesting settings, only to never follow through with more material. Books like Ocean only claim to be one volume, but still aren’t long enough to be satisfying. I love you Warren Ellis, don’t leave me hanging like this!


Most recently, Batman: Eternal. It’s occasionally confusing since I’m not at all caught up on comic book news of the past few years, but on the whole a well-done Batman series of a good solid length with a lot of villains and suspense.


Literally all of them. I’ve read 1169 graphic novels, according to Goodreads, and 629 superhero books, but I still always feel like I’m late to the party. That had started to go away when I was caught up several years ago, so hopefully now that I’m out of grad school I can get caught up again.


I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, but I guess I can confess I sometimes read stuff like Gotham City Sirens just for the art. I know it’s exploitative, but also it’s pretty. Ugggh.

Gotham City Sirens cover


I’m sure I could find something obscure for this, or pick out a fictional superhero city, but in a wider sense, I’d pick DC over Marvel. It just seems like everyday people have better lives over there. I don’t have any specific examples, that just seems to be the case. I wouldn’t live in Gotham, though, not for anything.


The two-part story Martian Manhunter: The Epiphany and Martian Manhunter: The Red Rising has a couple of major twists that legit shocked me. A lot of fans seem to think it was pointless or just didn’t like it, but as a standalone Martian Manhunter story, I really kinda loved it. Thought the art was amazing, too, especially some of the covers.

Martian Manhunter The Epiphany cover


I’m still upset about Pied Piper and Trickster. As noted above.


Um, Batman? If I need to pick a specific book/storyline, then, Batman: A Death in the Family. The one where Jason Todd died. Even though they did eventually bring Jason back in the modern day, it hasn’t really altered the impact of that original storyline on comics and Bruce Wayne as a character.

If I wasn’t just picking a Batman book, though, then The Dark Phoenix SagaA huge Marvel influencer in general, not just for the X-Men, and it had a big impact on comics and how they’re told.

I’ve been thinking I should post more about comics and superhero comics. Maybe help people out when they’re trying to figure out not just where to enter the genre, but what books are worth reading once you’re inside. Seems like there’s a lot for superfans and a lot for newbies, but not a lot in between. So, stay tuned for that, once I get back to running at full speed!

2 thoughts on “Hamilton (Comic-)Book Tag

  1. I enjoyed this – I’ll definitely check out the Martian Manhunter books. I agree that you should do more posts on comics – you have such an interesting perspective.



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