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Update: May!

April was very long and very difficult and that’s all I have to say about that. That’s why I only posted a couple of times, but I always try to choose quality over quantity anyway and not just post filler for y’all. I’ve got a growing backlog of really cool book review and post ideas now, so hopefully I can read and post more this month and as we get into summer. (I’m not spending any time outside in the 90-degree heat, that’s for darn sure!)

I did manage to stumble onto my new favorite short story, “Enoch Soames” by Max Beerbohm. It’s like The Time Machine mixed with “Bartleby the Scrivener,” only with Satan? Apparently Max Beerbohm was lauded as a genius in his time, the early 1900s, and based on this story I can believe that, but he didn’t publish very much fiction. I found this story in Flowers from Hell: A Satanic Readerbecause Satan, but I’m planning to read the full Beerbohm collection in which it originally appeared, and probably review the whole thing when I do. Wanted to go ahead and mention the story though because it’s amazing.

Rampage posterI haven’t seen Infinity War yet. I did see Rampage though and I absolutely loved it, highly recommended. It’s fun and goofy because by no means should this kind of movie be played straight, but it’s also surprisingly socially conscious, the Rock is always fun and I love his positive masculinity, it has two leads of color and that’s never any kind of issue, it actively mocks the usual use of female characters purely as love interests, it promotes sign language (along with The Shape of Water and A Quiet Place and that’s awesome), the whole theme is basically rich people are evil, the effects and monster action look great, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character is an absolute delight. So I mean, don’t expect it to be Infinity War. But see it because it’s great.

Also I finally dumped out a kiddie pool previous residents left in my backyard, just in time to prevent mosquitos, and two new people moved into my building last month and put out super cute yard decorations by their doors, so I need to up my game. What does one do with the outside?

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