Update: April!

It’s starting to get warmer in Georgia finally, but we have several cold spells ahead. I’ll take all of them I can get. I haven’t been looking forward to the traditional nine months of sweltering summer.

I had a request to make posts on kids’ materials easier to find, so I’ve added a for “For Kids” tab up at the top of the blog. My posts about kids’ books are typically in reference to queer books for kids, although I occasionally review other kids’ books if they’re especially great. So, I hope that helps!

I’m trying to get more active on social media… I’m posting a bit more on Instagram now, a mixture of personal/food and illustrations from books, mostly. I don’t think I’m aesthetic enough to be a bookstagrammer, but I do enjoy illustrations and comics, so we’ll see. I’ve got a couple of book-related Pinterest pages, and I have no idea what to do with Twitter yet except the automated post shares that I’ve always had. But social links are in the sidebar if you want to follow me.

I gave up on watching Halt and Catch Fire, because even though I love Lee Pace and computers and bisexual characters every time I thought about watching the second episode it was just “uggggggggggh I don’t wanna…” so I finally stopped bothering. I’ll be binging Series of Unfortunate Events season two soon though! Also I saw Pacific Rim: Uprising and liked it fine, although it wasn’t as good as the first one. I half love it because Jake Pentecost is the bisexual hero we deserve, and half hate it because as obvious as it is, it still isn’t stated, so in a very important way it doesn’t count. Ugh.

The first four months of the year have passed — holy cow — so it’s time for an update on my book hoard! When I started the year, I owned 1,311 books, and 691 remained unread. I’m now down to 1,283, and 668 of them are unread. I found some more I could pass on without bothering to read, but still. Not too shabby.

What are you up to?


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