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Update: February!

Star Trek Original Crew Movie Collection

I’m back on the Star Trek posts at Comparative Geeks, with a reflection last month and a post on movie commentaries today! I’ve gotta actually watch more TNG soon and get some more posting material, I know…

I’ve been sick-slash-injured for most of December and January (moral of the story: if you have severe allergies, read the ingredients list) so I feel very behind on 2018 already. I haven’t assembled furniture or gone to any new places or been able to devote myself to the things I had planned, so let’s see, things to talk about… I finished the most recent season of Project Runway and I’m sad Ayana didn’t win, but at least it wasn’t Brandon. I watched the first episode of Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix and as much as I want to love a show about a bisexual Lee Pace character giving speeches about the internet, it was really boring and irritating? I’ll give it a few more episodes to hook me. I’m almost done with season one of The Gifted and the plot is still really great. I think they’ve dialed back some of the social text in service of more action, but that could work out well. I saw The Shape of Water in the theater and it was brilliantly good, everyone should see it when they get a chance because it’s different and that’s awesome. I started reading Batman: Eternal, and while I have no idea where it’s supposed to fit in the overall DC universe because I’m behind, I’m really enjoying it as a generic-in-the-best-possible-way Batman story.

Also it turns out I love roasted zucchini and will stand over the pan eating it like candy.

What have you been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “Update: February!

    1. Working on it! And that’s good to hear, lately I’ve read a lot of stuff that starts good and then dwindles off, so I was worried about this because it’s a pretty long series.



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