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2017 Book Diversity and Challenge Recap

Every year, I like to keep track of representation in the books I read. This mainly serves to draw diverse books to my attention, although of course I try to get my percentages up every year too, especially for the books by and about women. (I’m more interested in good representation in the other categories, looking for quality books, whereas the lady categories I just look at in the aggregate). The percentages listed go from 2014 to 2017.

327 total

  • 93 by female authors (28% -> 32% -> 31% -> 28%)
  • 85 with female protagonists (20% -> 22% -> 25% -> 25%)
  • 47 books by or about queer people (6% -> 15% -> 23% -> 14%)
  • 64 books by or about people of color (including any books in translation) (13% -> 15% -> 23% -> 19%)
  • 22 books by or about people with disabilities (1% -> 4% -> 9% -> 7%)

It’s a shame the percentages have dipped a bit. I think it’s a side effect of my efforts to read books I already owned (many from ten years ago when I was unwoke) and to reread books from my childhood. I’ll try to compensate next year.

For book challenges, the only one I’ve kept up with is the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, as usual. I’ll be doing it again in 2018, and posting some book recommendations for it next month.

Book Riot 2017
My completed challenge list.

I’ve also been working on clearing out the unsanctionably-large hoard of unread books I own, but I stopped doing that in an organized manner. However! I finally moved into a permanent residence in October, so I’ve been going through the books I had in storage, reading some and just removing others from my collection (gifting, selling, trading, donating). The most recent numbers I could find on the blog were in a reference to “my 1,400-book 750-unread-book collection” in September. From that, I’m now down to 1,311 books, 691 unread. My eventual goal is to have, you know, less than a dozen unread books the way a normal person would, and although that’ll probably take several more years, I don’t plan to read all those books. Many of them I’ll either skim or start and not finish if I’m not enjoying them. I’ll try to do quarterly updates on progress for my own reference, but for y’all, you can expect the occasional oddball review of random old paperbacks. Or… is that really very oddball for me? We shall see.

7 thoughts on “2017 Book Diversity and Challenge Recap

  1. I think I’m going to try the Book Riot challenge this year. I always try to dip my feet in that community, but there is so much content that it gets overwhelming. Now that so much of my work is publicity, social media and busy content outlets are even harder to take on (I’m basically never off my computer now), but I am excited to see if I can do this one, at least. 🙂

    Also, good idea on the narrowing down of lists. I’ve started cleaning up my to-buy and to-read lists on Amazon and Goodreads, and I should probably make a good list of the books in my house that are in my collection but haven’t been read yet. Maybe the Goodreads app can make that a bit easier….


    1. Yep, I get that. I always think I should reach out to the challenge community and usually don’t… Let me know if you want an invite to Allison and Robin’s challenge Facebook group though!

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