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Update: December!

No Trek post this month, Comparative Geeks is on a hiatus, but Trek shall return!

This past month I’ve really been focused on apartment stuff, and yet somehow I’ve gotten behind on it at the same time? I still have so many things to clean and organize, not to mention furniture to assemble and more furniture to buy when I have some more money on hand. But I do love having a project. And I’m cautiously working on some historical publications, mostly book reviews and adaptations of my thesis. I don’t recall if I ever said, but I have a full-time library job now and intend to stay in the library field rather than carry on with history or public history, but I could see myself as a part-time independent scholar. Either way I’d like my thesis research to see the light of day.


J.K. Simmons Commissioner Gordon
J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon? Like, he does fine, but my reaction is still “Is this some kind of joke?”


This month I also managed to see Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok in quick succession. Justice League was objectively bad but I still strangely enjoyed it, mostly because I love superheroes. I enjoyed it in the same way that I enjoy any bad JLA comic. The actors all really tried to sell it, and the good points are completely down to them. But wow, when men work with the Wonder Woman character the difference really shows. Also the CGI was awful and Snyder has no sense of pacing or dialogue beats, but other reviewers have covered these issues in detail.

Then contrast Justice League with Thor… wow. It was such a pure relief to watch Thor, a movie with pacing and chemistry and an aesthetic full of gleeful abandon. I thought sometimes it verged into silliness, but that’s a small complaint when given a movie that is blatantly a comedy, and even more so a Taika Waititi film where the comedy has a sense of randomness and absurdity, but it still hangs together. It’s still earned, we’ve spent time with these characters and care about how this movie furthers the larger story. It definitely delivers the “awwwww cool!” moments, but also does some interesting things, like put Thor in a scifi movie and pair him with Hulk for most of it. Plus Valkyrie is super awesome. It was all weird and space-y and I loved it.

Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson)

I also read some of the old Valerian and Laureline comics, and while they weren’t infuriating like the movie, they were mostly pretty boring. I can do a post about them if y’all want, otherwise I’ll probably just let it lie… I think I was just desperately trying to salvage something out of that movie I was so excited about that then crushed all my hopes and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Update: December!

  1. I felt the same way about the Valerian movie. I was so hyped! It looked gorgeous! But then the movie didnt keep that feeling. It was just meh…I should have kown better when I tried ot read some ofthe comics and got that same feeling. There are things to like about it, and there’s a message in it, but its not as good as Ithought it would be.



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