Update: November!

This month’s Star Trek post is a roundup of Trek/comic book crossovers. Some of them are odd, one is amazing. Check it out!

I moved a couple weeks ago, from a horrible student apartment into a real grown-up apartment, so that’s been taking up most of my energy. Getting everything moved, cleaning both places, getting utilities set up, unpacking and organizing. I’m still not done, but fortunately my friends are generous and I didn’t have that many things to move, so the main event wasn’t too terrible. (And my cat was remarkably chill about it.) So now it’s going to be a process of slowly buying furniture and sundries to fill the place up. I already love it, though. Before I just went home because that was the place I stored myself when I wasn’t using me, but now I actually look forward to it!

Me. (JK not me or anyone I know.)

Of course, in the transitional period between “busy all the time doing moving stuff” and “having functional internet,” it is a bit lonely. I might start listening to the radio again.

Some interesting stuff coming on the blog in November, including two reviews of books about Satanism! STAY TUNED IT’S REALLY INTERESTING.

What are you up to this month?


5 thoughts on “Update: November!

  1. *intrigued by the “St. Louis” on the mudflaps, follows link below picture*

    OMFG, there used to be a pool right outside the library?!?! Why did they take THAT away?!

    BTW, how’d you come across that picture? It’s feels so weird, happening across a page of old photos of the school I’m currently attending in this context.


    1. OMG that’s crazy! I was just googling pictures and memes of moving. There were some great old pictures but I thought that one was appropriate given the number of books I had to move and the fact that I could source it (as opposed to a bunch of funny old moving pictures that were being used on movers’ websites without attribution.)

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