Update: October!

Killing_Time_(Star_Trek_novel)This month’s Star Trek post is basically about how the structure of the show lends itself to Kirk/Spock shipping, with particular attention to the famously shippy licensed novel Killing Time. It’s probably the best Trek post I’ve done in a while, if I do say so myself. But it’s certainly the topic that has interested me most, so I hope you enjoy.

I’ve realized I miss doing the occasional chatty update, and don’t get a whole lot out of frequent challenge updates. I always do a bit of an update on the first Saturday of the month so I can link to that month’s Trek post, so it’s convenient to do some chat here too, and that’s the plan for the next little while. I’m moving challenge updates to the end of the year, and pondering what kind of monthly book update would be best, if any… a list of all the books I read in a month seems like it would be real long. On the other hand, I have a personal rule that I have to review any book I rate 5 stars, and I review a lot of 3- and 4-star books too if I feel like I have something to say, but there are other books that slip through the cracks and maybe you’d see something you’d wanna talk about? Let me know if you’re interested.

Of course it just happens to be a time when I don’t have a lot of other stuff going on… I finally finished grad school at the end of July, did I ever formally announce that? I don’t think I’ve ever felt such relief as when I turned in my last assignment and went to my last class. But I’m a Master now, and I started a new job in a library (nothing at all to do with my degree) and I really like it. I’m still getting used to having free time and the energy to use it for stuff. The weirdest part is how long I had to resist taking on volunteer work — the whole time in grad school I was volunteering in museums, taking on extra projects, all the stuff you’re supposed to do. I knew I did not have the wherewithal to keep doing that, I needed a few months to recover from everything (and finish putting some of those extra projects to bed), but it still felt very strange. I’m glad I did it though because I badly needed the reset. Right now I’m focused on finding a more permanent place to live than mostly-student housing, spending time with my loved ones, and starting to write fiction again. I have my eyes open for possible projects like I had been doing, and am engaging with political stuff to the limited extent I am able, but it is very limited.

On October 1, Georgia suddenly realized it’s supposed to be doing fall now and it felt amazing outside. It’s gotten warm again since, but I’m super excited for it to finally be fall so I can not be miserable every time I step into the outside. And I’m looking forward to Halloween, although I don’t have any particular celebrations planned. I’ll be doing a post about spooky picture books soon, and reading The Haunting of Hill House for my Classics Club book this month. I can’t read too much scary stuff because I am timid, but I’ve got some middle-grade books and movies lined up too — Always OctoberHalf-Minute HorrorsHotel Transylvania. And I try to watch The Corpse Bride and The Book of Life every October because I love them.

Haunting of Hill House covers

So that’s what I’m doing. What are you up to, and what are you reading for Halloween?

16 thoughts on “Update: October!

  1. So, is the movie “The House on Haunted Hill” at all based on “The Haunting of Hill House,” or were they just capitalizing on a similar name?

    BTW, that Star Trek book really sound fascinating, though I’m not all that into Star Trek, and that quote at the end of the post actually made me weepy! (Why wouldn’t they have used something so powerful? Insanity!)


    1. “The House on Haunted Hill” is unrelated, but the movie “The Haunting” is based on “The Haunting of Hill House”, lol.

      I 100% cried about the Star Trek quote! I don’t know if it was because they couldn’t get William Shatner or they thought the scene took too much focus away from their new characters or what, but it’s the best quote in the movie and it isn’t even in the movie.


      1. I mentioned that quote to my brother (that reminds me, I need to remember to send him a link to it) and he said that they had contacted Shatner about filming it, and then changed their minds, even though he wanted to do it. That just makes it all the worse that they didn’t include it!


  2. Some great books there. Not read many Star Trek book tbh, but they sound good. The Haunting of Hill House is one of my favourite books, its so spooky and atmospheric. Good one to read with Halloween soon! 🙂


    1. I’m looking forward to it! 😀

      There are some really great Star Trek novels out there, although I don’t know if there are any I’d recommend to a non-Trekkie as novels in their own rights — most of them are interesting in how they interpret the universe and characters. Or at least that’s what interests me.

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      1. I’m a big fan of the original Star Trek series, I don’t know much about the rest tbh, but I have watched some STTNG and DS9 when its been repeated on TV, and they were good. Same with the books, I’ve heard they are good too, and it certainly sounds like you enjoy reading them. Always nice to get into a book about a series you really like 🙂


        1. Same – love TOS, have only seen a little of the others. I’m trying to rectify that and reinvigorate my grand watchthrough (which sadly stalled in TNG season 1 at the beginning of the year due to school etc.).

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          1. Yes, STTNG is good, I like the characters in that one as well. The original series will always be my favourite though, such classic stories. I might not have read any of the books, but I have enjoyed reading some of the comics from IDW 🙂

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  3. I love Shirley Jackson and Star Trek. Great post. It’s hot here again in Pennsylvania after Autumn teased us for a week or so. I’m hoping Summer goes away for good soon.



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