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Star Trek and #readmyowndamnbooks Updates

Hi everyone, sorry for the intermittent posts this past month. I’ve been graduating and settling in with a new job! I’m in the process of setting up books and posts for the future, though, and I’m excited to have more time and energy for blogging and blog-reading. I do have a Star Trek post up at Comparative Geeks today though! I’ve been reading William Shatner’s early memoirs, and I was inspired to do a post on the behind-the-scenes production names you’ll hear about a lot as a Trekkie. It’s meant as a mini guide for new fans, but feel free to start nerd debates in the comments: “Star Trek Production Crew You Should Know: Original Series Edition.”

I also have a short #readmyowndamnbooks update for July:

  • I Was A Sixth Grade Alien by Bruce Coville. This is an old childhood favorite, and it’s still as awesome and topical as it always was, plus just great sci-fi for kids.
  • The Search for Trektoons by Mark Lister. A collection of (mostly) Star Trek-themed parody cartoons from 1993. Some of them are dated, others are pretty funny. (Fun fact: I’m the only person who’s rated this on Goodreads.)
  • Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See by Bill Shapiro. A super nice, high-quality book with a draw for your inner snoop, but it does include all kinds of love-related letters from the beginnings of relationships to the ends, so you can get some emotional whiplash reading through it.

2017 total: 14 paper books, 7 ebooks

What are you reading this month?


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