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Quick update and Star Trek and stuff!

I successfully defended my thesis WOOOHOOOO YAAAAAY! One more summer of class and I graduate! My brain’s still pretty fried from all that, but my buddy Rose and I put together a Star Trek post for Comparative Geeks: Let’s Talk About First Officers.

June is Pride Month, so in addition to some of the usual shenanigans, I’m planning to do a special week on LGBT+ picture books. I’ve had this idea floating around for a long time now, and I think we should talk about what’s available, what’s not, and what should be — along with recommendations, of course! Coming up starting the 12th!

Have a great week, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Quick update and Star Trek and stuff!

  1. Congratulations. Also I read the Star Trek post, and I have to agree. There are so many differences between Kirk/Spock and Picard/Riker that it’s almost not worth comparing them. It’s to the point where their ships run almost completely differently. They’re still both great captain pairs of course.



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