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Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break

If we were having coffee, well… I’m already halfway through a crackaccino. That’s a cappuccino with some undefined number of extra shots. (I’m sure they’d tell me how many if I asked…) I don’t usually drink much coffee, once or twice a week, so this is a lot for me, but I can hardly stay awake right now. This week was Spring Break, and instead of going to the beach and partying or whatever people do, I crashed into bed. Hard. Couldn’t sleep at night all week, and then was walking dead during the day. All week.

Needless to say, it was not the extravagantly productive time I had envisioned.

I need to write six and a half pages of my thesis essay for Monday, hence the crackaccino. I have the information, I just need my brain to function well enough to process it into sentences, and of course this is the week my brain can’t seem to manage that. I’m aware that I make vague references to my thesis on a regular basis, but they’re not meant to be secretive, I just haven’t put together anything for the blog yet. The short version is that it’s about a gay pulp author from the South, combining my various historical interests in queer, Southern, and literary histories. Since I’m in a public history program, we also do a public element, and that’ll be a website for me because I’m also interested in digital history. So, once the website is ready and I’ve gotten through the swamp of thesis-writing, you can count on me to link you up and start telling you all about gay pulp in the sixties.

Here are some other things I did this week:

  • Cleaned my floors in anticipation of an inspection (which didn’t happen), and had pest control visit in preparation for the summer since it’s been in the 80s here already.
  • Cleaned out my dresser, weeding out an enormous bagful of clothes to sell. (I use ThredUp for anything I don’t give away and it’s great — use my link for a free $10!)
  • Got a new hair color and visited  with old friends/coworkers I hadn’t seen since last summer.
  • Planned writing goals for the rest of the year. I’m gonna finish drafting this scifi novel, if all goes according to plan.
  • Babysat two sweet kitties.
  • Bought a suitcase because I’m an adult. It’s cute and blue and I love it.
  • Read eight books, including audiobooks.

In ten days I’d hoped to accomplish a lot more, particularly in the writing department, but hey. We do what we can, and sometimes what we can do is type madly for two days before a deadline.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break

  1. Crackaccino brings to mind all sorts of things… 😀
    For someone whose brain was not functioning… you sure managed to do a lot. 8 books??? Wow…



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