#weekendcoffeeshare: Star Trek, #readmyowndamnbooks, and Updates


Hi everyone! I’m on Comparative Geeks today with “Star Trek Self-Help Books: A Thing?” and I also reviewed the game Chrononauts a couple weeks ago!

Also, I’m pleased to announce my participation in #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks 2017! It’s a set-your-own-goal reading challenge with monthly posts to check in on progress. I still own a staggering number of unread books — 746 out of a total 1,373 — and have made very little progress in the past few years because most of them are still packed in boxes in my mom’s house from two moves ago. But I’m going to start working them down. I hardly buy any books at all these days (most of them date from back when I was a librarian and had access to cheap or free book sales all the time), so I’m not setting any buying limits, just a low goal of four books a month. Hopefully more, but four minimum. I’ll report back on what I read, I’m sure it’ll be quite a variety!

There’s not much other news. I’m finally settling into the Spring semester after being away at a conference and having a death in the family in the second week. I’ve got a lot of writing to do, but again I hope to report back here as I get ever-closer to finishing my thesis project. (It’s related; I do queer literary history!) Also I met my goal of writing every day in January, woop woop. And I bought a memory foam pillow and it’s basically the best thing ever. I grind my teeth at night, and it’s even helped me stop doing that, judging from the lack of painful aching!

I’m thinking I’ll put TV updates in these coffee shares too… Working on some kind of regular format. But anyway I love the Muppets! It’s my first time watching The Muppet Show and I love it! Harder to find than you might think though, so let me know if it’s online somewhere. And I started Riverdale but I hate it.

How are y’all?

13 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Star Trek, #readmyowndamnbooks, and Updates

  1. The Muppet Show is one of my all time favorites! I wish they’d finally release the whole series on Bluray. (I know there’s all kind of licensing issues to work out, but since they’re owned by Disney now, it’s not like they can’t afford it!) Some of the DVD releases are frustrating, because they left out numbers for licensing reasons. (Like the Vincent Price episode, where they left out the *closing number*!) If you do find it streaming somewhere, let me know; the DVD sets only covered like the first three or four seasons. 😦


  2. #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks 2017 sounds great, hope you reach your goal. I have a “to be read” stack too, and I am guilty of knowing they are there waiting but purchasing something if I pass the book store and reading it first. Congrats on meeting your January goal of writing every day. Nice post, thanks for sharing.


  3. I’ve been watching Black Mirror lately, somewhat like The Twilight Zone, but darker and more applicable to our world. I have to limit myself to 1-2 episodes at a time. They don’t have very many, but they are raging with popularity, so I hear. I just followed your site, as you never know when I may need your services. I do envy all those books you have, but I should stick to what I have since my house is so small. 😦 It’s usually Kindle for me, and a paperback here or there when someone is done with theirs. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks for following! I think Black Mirror is probably too scary for me, but I’ve heard great things… And I do love my books, but it seems silly to hoard so many when I don’t even know if I like them or not!

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  4. Hi Hannah,
    You’re quite the mind-reader. I also need to whittle down my books but I just went out and bought Marcus Clark’s “For the Term of His Natural Life”. It’s set in Tasmania’s convict prison, Port Arthur. We went there on our recent holiday to Tasmania and we think my husband’s 3rd Great Grandfather was an inmate there.
    I have bought two Muppet DVDs in the last week…one new and another from the thrift shop. Given the heat, I might be watching one of them tomorrow, We’ve had a serious heat wave today.
    Well, I hope you have a great week and get through those books.
    xx Rowena


  5. Congrats on writing every day! And that’s a LOT of books. Good luck. I love the Muppets, too. And Star Trek. My first time here (won’t be my last). Have a great week!



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