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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year

Drinking cinnamon cappuccino today.

First, I’m on Comparative Geeks today talking about upcoming stuff in “Star Trek: The Year Ahead,” check it out and let me know what posts you’d like to see!

Second, if we were having coffee, I’d be having espresso and already be jittering in my seat ready to go. I’m tearing through my to-do list like a maniac and it’s not getting any shorter, but that’s okay! School starts back on Monday, so it’s a combination of wanting to get things done while I have time, and wanting to hit the ground running rather than try to start things after the semester’s going and I have an excuse not to do them.

I don’t know yet if 2017 will be good, but by golly it’ll be productive.

So far it’s going well, I’ve got reviews and other posts stacked up for this blog, my apartment’s clean-ish, I figured out a workable way to finish my thesis next semester (hopefully), I’ve sent out a few resumes, and I’m working on my own fiction writing when those other obligations allow. I’ve resolved to write something every day in January — blog posts and school papers count, but something. If you’re curious about the fiction, though, follow me on Twitter where I’m doing the #WIPjoy challenge/event, responding to a prompt about my work-in-progress every day in January.

I think New Year’s Resolutions are basically a joke at this point, but it’s still a useful division of time in which to measure progress and set goals. I have four: Graduate, get a non-grad-school job, read 300 books again, and finish the first draft of a novel. What are yours, and how do you track your progress? I already have an extensive to-do list system, but I’d love some creative tips on how to keep track of longterm goals.

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year

  1. I absolutely agree new year resolutions are over rated whats all the fuss about the earth going round the sun hahahaahaha but hey we need the illusion of seeming organized and pretending to know exactly where we are going

    The first thing i need to do is get a to-do list


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    1. I like the idea as described on your site, but as you observed, my schedule is tight right now, especially for unpublished books. I’m getting ready to start offering sensitivity reader and editing services though, fee varying based on the length of the book and type of feedback you wanted. It’d start at about $50 if you just wanted a read-through and overall comments. Email me if interested.

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