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Bookriot 2016 Read Harder Challenge Recap


My much-crumpled checklist.

I completed the Bookriot Read Harder Challenge! Back in July I posted a list of queer books matching each challenge prompt, and this will be a list of the books I actually read. (Only a few of them overlap, because I always try to fill challenges with books already high on my TBR). Here’s a link to the challenge, checklist, and end-of-year discount reward info — it’s a bit too late to start now, but there’ll be another challenge in 2017. I’ll be posting more lists of suggestions for that, and also quarterly updates on my progress.

Links go to Amazon, unless otherwise indicated.

Books I Read:

  1. Read a horror book – Dracula by Bram Stoker. I’ve been meaning to read this for, oh, ten years? I’m not quite done, it’s the first challenge on the list and the last for me to read, but I’m enjoying it immensely and will have it finished up well before Dec. 31.
  2. Read a nonfiction book about science – Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World by Bill Nye. A good primer on climate change.
  3. Read a collection of essays – Oral History and Digital Humanities edited by Boyd & Larson. Read for a class, but I liked it and it was helpful.
  4. Read a book out loud to someone else – I read It’s Only Stanley by Jon Agee to my cat, but he didn’t enjoy it.
  5. Read a middle grade novel – One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.
  6. Read a biography (not memoir or autobiography) – Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win World War I and Stole the Heart of a Nation by Ann Bausum. Yes, I read a biography of a dog.
  7. Read a dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel – Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. Boring.
  8. Read a book originally published in the decade you were born – Strangers in Paradise Vol. 1 by Terry Moore, published in 1993.
  9. Listen to an audiobook that has won an Audie Award – The Light at the End by Nicholas Briggs, a Doctor Who audio drama that won best package design in 2015. Good!
  10. Read a book over 500 pages long – The Oral History Reader at 742 pages (including end matter). Another one for a class, we were assigned most of it over the Spring semester so I just finished it off.
  11. Read a book under 100 pages – Bad Kitty Does Not Like Candy by Nick Bruel.
  12. Read a book by or about a person that identifies as transgender – Queer Pulp by Susan Stryker, an attractive book mostly showcasing art but also including a lot of history.
  13. Read a book that is set in the Middle East – Cairo by G. Willow Wilson. Not her best work.
  14. Read a book by an author from Southeast Asia – This Moment is Full of Wonders by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk originally from Vietnam.
  15. Read a book of historical fiction set before 1900 – The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles, an m/m fantasy romance in the Victorian era. The romance is perfectly mixed with a plot about a magical investigation, love it.
  16. Read the first book in a series by a person of color – The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi, a fantasy graphic novel series. Liked it a lot and have read several more volumes already!
  17. Read a non-superhero comic that debuted in the last three years – Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy by Noelle Stevenson. Liked it, but not as much as everyone else seems to…
  18. Read a book that was adapted into a movie, then watch the movie. Debate which is better. – The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, and the movie HomeBoy howdy was the book better, the movie was kind of pointless but the book was amazing sci-fi.
  19. Read a nonfiction book about feminism or dealing with feminist themes – We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
  20. Read a book about religion (fiction or nonfiction) – Damned: An Illustrated History of the Devil by Robert Muchembled.
  21. Read a book about politics, in your country or another (fiction or nonfiction) – Memoir of a Race Traitor by Mab Segrest. Discussed in this post, compared with a similar book I liked better.
  22. Read a food memoir – Cheesemonger by Gordon Edgar. Loved it!
  23. Read a play – The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. My Goodreads review, in its entirety, reads “I am confused and upset.”
  24. Read a book with a main character that has a mental illness – The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie by Jennifer Ashley, a romance in which the male protagonist has Asperger’s in a time before that was a known quantity. Liked it!

Did you try the challenge this year? How’d it go?

5 thoughts on “Bookriot 2016 Read Harder Challenge Recap

  1. Ahhh, congrats on completing the challenge! I’m going to do it in 2017, in addition to the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge. 🙂 Good idea to read as many LGBTQ+ books as possible for the challenge!



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