Surprise! I’m a Book Blog


Hi everyone! It’s only been about eight months since my last blog revamp, but that time has helped me refine exactly what I wanted to do, so I’m making another tweak now. I’m becoming a book blog! I’m now titled “Hannah Reads Books” and I have a new theme, but you don’t have to refollow or anything like that, it’s the same site and same person.

You won’t see a lot of change in content. I was already blogging about books and book-related things almost exclusively, which is why I’ve finally decided to just take the plunge and repackage it to be more clearly book-focused. My topics of interest are still the same: pop culture, sci-fi, history, queerness, comics, etc. There’ll be in-depth reviews, essays, listicles as usual, and I’ll be incorporating some more stuff like reading challenges and reports on book-related excursions. I may still talk about movies and TV and such as long as the content is related, but I’ll also be trying to post more often, including a couple of #weekendcoffeeshare type posts over the course of each month. Those will be more likely to include non-book chat, and I’ll also clearly indicate when I’m posting non-book stuff elsewhere on the internet (such as my Star Trek posts on Comparative Geeks).

I’m still fooling around with the menu and sidebar to make posts easier to find, along with some other features, but the main shift is finished. I think you’ll like it, and please do let me know if you run into any issues with the site.

As always, thank you so much for reading! We’re getting close to the end of grad school, folks, and you should start seeing me around more often. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤


7 thoughts on “Surprise! I’m a Book Blog

        1. I appreciate it! It’s just been hard to post consistently in grad school, especially when my topic and school life were so close together (history stuff). Super excited about going back to straight-up book blogging though, it’s my happy place!

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          1. You’re welcome. Yes, I find it hard to post quite as much as I used to as I’m quite busy now. Blogging is always fun to return to though as its so interactive and enjoyable – a happy place indeed 🙂

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