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The Non-Binary Book Club Reads Every Heart a Doorway

The Non-Binary Book Club’s latest pick is Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire, a YA fantasy/horror novella featuring asexual and trans lead characters. Click through for discussion — the post also includes resources for ace, trans, or otherwise queer people who may need support.

(Note: I’m HG! Recommend your favorite mad science books over there, especially if they have lady scientists in them.)

The Lobster Dance

heart-featured Via [Image: cover of Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. The cover shows an open wooden door in a doorframe in the middle of a forest.] What’s the Non-Binary Book Club?

While Book Club might have fallen a bit by the wayside as I (and many of the other participants in this group and in my blogging community) have spent the post-election weeks calling representatives, donating, and just reading, reading, reading everything about bills and political issues and the Electoral College and trying everything to get through to the people who are not concerned about marginalized groups because it’s easier to say “you’ll survive, don’t be a sore loser” than “you and your loved ones might be in danger and your fear is rational, what can we do to help each other? I am listening.”

Plus, Thanksgiving, that great “oh god please no one talk politics at the dinner table but…

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