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The Power Of Art: 5 Inclusive Picture Books

I’m on Eclectic Alli this week, recommending some diverse picture books for you and/or the children in your life! I hadn’t planned to do a post this week because I didn’t have words for what’s just happened in the US, but literature is still important. Teaching empathy and representing diversity are still important. This post is kicking off a monthly multi-contributor series called “The Power of Art” on Alli’s blog, so be sure to give her a follow, and as always leave more book recs in the comments.

Eclectic Alli

Welcome to my new series.

Art is such a beautiful expression, it can evoke emotions and speak to truths that can be hard to articulate.  It also can often serve as a powerful tool for change, for revolution, to spark people to stand up and make changes.

This series is going to explore the power of art, by looking at actual art.  Sometimes it may be written, or it may be visual (who knows, maybe I’ll convince someone to share auditory art with us as well).  This will run the third Wednesday of every month, for as long as I can keep it going! (Interested in contributing?  Let me know!)

I’m going to start with a type of art that I have long adored, the picture book.

Hannah, of The New Emma Jones Society, let me twist her arm… or, uhm, I mean… volunteered to kick us off…

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