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Star Trek Column: TNG First Impressions

Pleasantly surprised by “Encounter at Farpoint,” I take the opportunity to list all the things I thought about it, compared to Star Trek‘s past and with the rest of Star Trek: The Next Generation in mind. Also there’s a My Little Pony meme.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, First Impressions on Comparative Geeks

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Column: TNG First Impressions

  1. I really enjoyed the meme.

    I thought “Farpoint” was a good way to introduce all of the characters, and show off the fact that there were better special effects this time around. With time they all became more relaxed, but it was the only clear way to show that this was not a “recreation”. Kirk was way more relaxed in general than Picard, Riker more friendly than Spock, Troi and Yar had (sometimes) bigger roles than Uhura did which allowed women to be better represented on the bridge, Jordi was more professional than Scotty, Crusher had a better bedside manner than Bones. All of it showed how the Federation had grown and become more open to everyone, and no one had to give up their personal lives for their jobs. Later on, the leadership does have families (as represented on the show not the movies): Data gets a brother, a mother, a father, and a child; Worf has a son; Crusher has a son; Troi has a mother and a son; Picard has a brother, SIL, and a nephew; Yar had a sister and a daughter; etc. It just only started out with Wesley, but it became much more with time.

    And finally, Q and Lwaxana. Not much else needs to be said. LOL



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