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What I’m Up To

Hi all! It’s been a while since I did a chatty post, and I’m a bit short on time to write any of the long ones in my queue, so I thought it’d be a good time for a quick update!

First, I’m more active on other social media than I used to be, so here’s a list:

  • Goodreads — I read 200-300 books a year. Only a handful make it onto the blog in reviews or recommendation lists, but I rate all of them on Goodreads, and try to include a paragraph or two of commentary on each one. Comics, history, science, picture books, scifi/fantasy, romance… Basically this is a great way to follow me if you want to chat about all NEJS’s topics and then some.
  • Twitter — Less active here, but the chat tends more toward history/historian stuff if that’s your thing. The occasional movie livetweet.
  • Instagram (geekgirlhannah) — I tend to Instagram cat pictures and makeup on an intermittent basis, but I’ve been including more food/books/general stuff and posting more often lately. I’ve been posting my monthly Star Trek calendar… Any votes on a theme for next year?
  • Pinterest — A  little of everything, also intermittent.
  • Facebook — I mostly use Facebook for personal updates and posts about Star Trek. If I know your name I’ll probably accept the friend request, if not then introduce yourself on some other platform first. 🙂
  • Snapchat (geekgirlhannah) — If you like blurry pictures of chubby cats and me commenting “same” on weird panels from old comic books, you’ve come to the right place!

And here are all the other things I’m doing:

Blogging: Still doing my best to keep up a weekly schedule around here until I graduate and have more time. I try to alternate history and pop-culture posts, but it’s really just whatever material I have on hand each weekend. Still doing monthly Star Trek posts on Comparative Geeks and love it!

School: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… “School” encompasses various projects, jobs, etc., but mostly I’m working on a public-history thesis project about Carl Corley, a gay pulp author and artist from the sixties. I’m in a long stretch of detail work at the moment correcting OCR and figuring out how to build a website. Yikes.

Volunteering: I’ve currently got 4-5 hours per week dedicated to volunteering. I’m helping a local archive process LGBT-related materials, and working on a separate-but-similar mapping project that I’ll share with y’all whensoever it might be ready. If only I had more time!

Writing: Still plugging away at my fiction, although it tends to take a backseat to other kinds of writing. I haven’t abandoned the queer sci-fi novel, but have also returned to an old (also queer) urban fantasy thing that I’m reworking. Pretty happy with the work on both, but again, just wish for more time…

TV/Movies: The Star Trek rewatch proceeds apace. I’ve just started TNG and am really enjoying it so far, such an interesting development on the original idea. Aside from that I occasionally binge other shows or big movie chunks. I watched the Constantine series a couple months ago (liked it), most of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last week while I had a cold (liked it), and Gotham season two at the moment (love it). Also super into puppet movies and documentaries since visiting the Center for Puppetry Arts, recs please! And I stay up to date on superhero movies, although I haven’t had enough thoughts about any of the recent ones to string a post together… High hopes for Doctor Strange!!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Up To

  1. Hopefully when Grad School is done, you’ll have time for all your other side projects, especially your fiction. Also, that’s a crazy amount of books read each year. I have yet to read more than 15 novels. Comics and graphic novels are better though – I tend to pick up an average of 8 or 9 a week, and there’s the occasional graphic novel in-between.



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