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Review: O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti


Today I bring you the shortest of reviews. I won’t waste your time — you could be spending it reading this book, after all:

O Human Star is a comic which the creator, Blue Delliquanti, identifies as a “science fiction family drama.” It’s full of queer characters and robots. Some of the queer characters ARE robots. All of them are interesting and the main two are adults! Can you tell I’m really tired of realistic fiction about queer teens coming out? I mean seriously. Pretty sure I’ve been waiting all my life for a queer adult to build a flippin’ robot. If you feel the same way, O Human Star is for you! Plus the story is good, the art is vibrant, and the near-future world is cool too, strange but close enough to our own to be very believable. This series, I am about it. I am aaaaall about it.

Currently available free as a webcomic, in its fifth chapter. The first three chapters are also collected in a Volume 1, which you can buy as a PDF or a gorgeous printed volume. Check it out!


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