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Star Trek Column: The Animated Series

Finishing up Star Trek: The Animated Series, and I liked it a lot more than expected! Check out my review and favorite episodes on Comparative Geeks: Hey, Did You Know “Star Trek: The Animated Series” Was a Thing?

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Column: The Animated Series

  1. I’m hoping to get the DVD set of the original Star Trek as soon as possible. Thanks for reminding me about the animated series. Sometimes it’s easy to forget it existed, since very few people ever mention it. I’d like to watch it again. I had a chance to see some of the episodes about 20 years ago. I was genuinely surprised to discover that the Holodeck, that oh-so-ubiquitous plot device from The Next Generation, was actually introduced in the animated series!


  2. If the concepts are interesting, I could see myself enjoying a show that isn’t all that well made. That’s certainly a step up from most of the Fantastic Four animated series at the very least (and the movies too for that matter).

    Also, happy Star Trek 50th Anniversary.



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