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Star Trek Column: Subversive Lady Guest Stars

This month’s Comparative Geeks column has been one of my favorites to write so far: Spotlights on three strong female characters tucked away in the original Star Trek series. My argument, insofar as I have one and am not just fangirl-flailing, is once again that the show was deeply feminist, especially (but not only) for its time. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own favorites!

Star Trek’s Subversive Lady Guest Stars

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Column: Subversive Lady Guest Stars

  1. I haven’t seen too much of the original series, but the woman in City on the Edge of Forever is another interesting case. She’s already a great person who takes care of the homeless and gives jobs to the needy, and if she lives, she’ll eventually become the first female president. It’s very tragic how, in order to save Kirk’s future, she needs to die. I could understand why you didn’t pick her though, considering the three women you picked.


    1. Yep. She’s awesome, and I think it says a lot about Kirk’s characterization that she’s basically his ideal woman. He’s not his stereotype. But the main reason I didn’t include her here is that she doesn’t really have her own story and is very much a plot device, her personal coolness aside.



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