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Bonus Sunday Post – Decatur Book Festival!

I wouldn’t normally post twice on the same day, but this is a quick one! A bit of a ramble, a kind of mini-haul, and a bit of #LazyLambs chitchat. I started off doing this as a Facebook post, but it was suuuuper long and there are blog-related things in it, sooo… Let’s talk about books!

I just got in from the Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, a yearly event with booths and food and author signings and other lovely things. (As a “fair or street festival,” it also qualifies as a challenge for Nerd in the Brain’s autumn “Go Play!” event!)


Honestly, convincing myself to go to things is a trial sometimes, even when I know I want to go. But I had a lovely, lovely time from start to finish. I was all ready to bail if the projected storms actually showed up, but it was a nice cool(ish) day instead, and I had an excessively good time listening to my Artemis Fowl book on the way there and back. (I’ve recently started getting into audiobooks again. I adore Artemis Fowl and it’s one of the few works that’s BETTER as an audiobook adaptation. Highly recommended. I’m almost finished with book five, The Lost Colony, then I’m taking a short break to listen to a random find called Museum of Thieves, a middle grade book by Lian Tanner, I found in my library’s e-audio list. It’s about a museum and it’s read by Claudia Black, I’m taking the risk! Then finishing the last few Artemis Fowls. So I’m set for a bit. But if you have a favorite audiobook I’d love more recs.)

The festival, though. I’m getting distracted. I collected a lot of pamphlets! I actually heard about the festival because a friend told me it might be a good place to look into southern queer authors for a possible final school project. (Yes, the final project is two years away, yes, I’m already working on it.) I picked up pamphlets for some local museums with book-related exhibits or overall themes, so we’re calling that a successful business trip! I also signed up for performing-arts and museum newsletters, because I want to know if cool stuff’s happening that I can see while I’m in Georgia. And also just grabbed pamphlets for interesting books I might want to read.

IMG_20150906_195401I behaved myself and didn’t buy EVERY SINGLE book that looked interesting. I came away with just two, actually, and both are special and signed. The first was an absolute surprise. Blue Delliquanti from O Human Star was there! O Human Star is an online queer space opera webcomic and those are ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS. I haven’t gotten far into the comic, but I’m really enjoying it, so I went ahead and bought her new printed Volume 1. Signed and pretty and shelf-worthy and I’m much more likely to actually read and finish it this way, so I’m excited, and I’ll probably review it here afterward.

The main event/author I wanted to see AHEAD of time was Christopher Moore, because of #LazyLambs! (For new folks: #LazyLambs is an informal book group founded at the beginning of the year to read Moore’s Lamband we’ve read several of his books. Right now we’re actually reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg, it’s not exclusively a Moore book club. But it started that way. Read along with us on Twitter!)

Moore gave his talk in a church sanctuary that hosted several authors this week. The irony was lost on no one — Lamb is a retelling of Jesus’ life “with the good bits left in,” and even though this particular talk wasn’t about Lamb but rather Moore’s new release, it was still the most profanity-laden “sermon” I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. I continue to wonder whether this church actually knew anything about what was going on.


He talked about getting older — he’s 58 — and being not quite at death’s door, but certainly on “death’s porch,” and how that informed his new book Secondhand Souls. I wish the Q&A had been longer, because that was even better — He talked about his three years of research for Lamb, and I would’ve loved major detail on that, for instance. Someone else asked “Have you received any backlash…” and we all expected him to finish “from Christians” but he actually said “…from Shakespeare experts?” One of the Moore books I haven’t read yet is Fool, which is a Shakespeare satire sort of thing. Moore was obviously surprised and expecting the Christians thing too, but he said no, no Shakespeare historian had ever contacted him — but actors really love the book! I’m bumping it toward the top of my TBR, or maybe we’ll get to it in #LazyLambs here in a few months.

As you can tell from the church picture, we were in the back. This was so we could be in the front of the signing line outside, which was a good decision. It was long, my friends, very long. But he was cheery and personable with each person and I came away with a beautiful signed Bible-lookalike special edition of Lamb for my very own. It was a good day. 😀


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