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Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox

Rose B. Fischer has been my friend and writing partner for quite some time now, and a lot of our characters know each other. This summer, she’s releasing installments of a serial story about three fox sisters named Aldra, Diana, and Cleo, set on a world called Synn. (The first one is free today, check it out!)

Reynard the Fox

My character Reynard the Fox is one of the girls’ three fathers. Since he’ll be showing up on the blog a few times this summer, and plays a slightly larger role in the just-released second story, I thought this would be a good time to explain what’s up.

Synn has connections to many other worlds, and Reynard is a werefox who hails from a version of our Earth. He’s that Reynard the Fox — although the folktales hardly do him justice, of course! One day, after I’m finished writing sci-fi novels about mad scientists, I’ll return to his story before he ever found out about Synn, the tale of his friendship with the first vampire in the world. But don’t worry about that now. Reynard moved to Synn for love, restored Castle Malimore, surprised everyone who knew him by having about a dozen children, and can now be found helping his daughters with their own plans and stratagems.

This Wednesday, Reynard and the girls’ other fathers will be here for a short interview about being the parents of celebrities. Then — you may be aware how much I love kids’ books — in a few weeks Reynard’s going to share his father-approved recommendations for foxy picture books. Finally, I’m not eligible to win Rose’s foxy writing contest for obvious reasons, but I’ll be posting a short story about Reynard at the end of August. Here are the contest rules if you want to enter!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox

  1. I checked out her recent Feminist Friday post, and she seems like a smart writer. It’s also something I completely agree on, part of the reason the main character in my Blood Rage series is a woman (even if she’s only a supporting character in the book I’m currently writing).


    1. I think Rose’s Feminist Friday is actually coming up this week, but she’s very good about reblogging them and was active on the thread last weekend. Her post will be about girl/boy stories too. 🙂

      It’s definitely made a big difference in how I write to notice when I’m making gender assumptions. I actually caught myself thinking “They should just all be men to keep things equal…” about a story yesterday. OMG NO. I immediately decided the final character would be female, and it hasn’t made them the slightest bit unequal. 🙂 Looking forward to all your stories, too!


        1. That was how I ended up with Weasel One-Eye. I was actually trying to avoid a shallow “sexy cat burglar” thing, so the thought made a vague kind of sense in the moment… But no. The answer was obviously to think of a more interesting character.

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    2. Thank you! Yeah, my Feminist Friday post is coming up tomorrow. Feel free to drop by again The one last week was a reblog of Eclectic Alli’s.

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