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Bomb Queen (Blood, Boobs & Carnage Blogfest)

Blood-Boobs-Carnage-BlogfestOn May 18, 2015, post about a movie, television show, book, or all three that falls into the category of Blood, Boobs, and Carnage. (Or just Blood and Carnage or other mixture.) It can be any genre that fits the bill – fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, western, thriller, etc. Post the badge and visit other participants. Hosted by H. M. Gardner.

As my blogfest pick, I have for you (no surprise) a comic! Bomb Queen by Jimmie Robinson, first published in 2006 by Image Comics. The idea is that Bomb Queen, originally one of four supervillains in New Port City, has eliminated the other three queens as well as all the city’s superheroes, leaving herself as dictator. This is old news — the comic is set when she’s well-established. Volume one has several attempts to depose her, both legally and superheroically, but she was never in any real danger.

So, what we have is a villainness who can do anything she wants, who “rules” a city but really doesn’t care much what happens there. The comic turns this up as far as the dial goes, an utterly unrealistic festival of blood and crime and sex.

Omnibust CoverSo, here’s the question… Is it exploitation, or is it satire? Jimmie Robinson himself doesn’t seem to know. He says in his introduction to volume one that maybe it’s everything. He just wanted to push as many buttons as possible, but he was also paying attention to his message. Bomb Queen’s utterly-improbable costume is fanservice, but it’s also a satire of the already-improbable costumes women are poured into in comics. She’s a satire of heroes and villains both, but she’s also a coherent character with her own agency and power, who simply does not care about anything, except possibly maintaining her position and style of living. “Blood, Boobs & Carnage” calls up images of female objectification, but also glorying in depictions of violence, and Bomb Queen deals with that even more clearly — no one can “defeat” Bomb Queen, because her subjects love seeing her blow things up, and they don’t mind the legalized “crime zones” a bit.

It’s an interesting comic, to be sure. I still haven’t quite figured out how I feel about it. If you like Mark Millar’s work on other over-the-top sexy-violent comics like Wanted or Kick-Ass — and I haven’t quite decided about those yet either — then you’ll want to check this one out. Be warned, it’s totally NSFW. Also, if it doesn’t SHOW a type of sex or violence, it probably mentions it in the ever-present newscasts, including child-related crimes.

24 thoughts on “Bomb Queen (Blood, Boobs & Carnage Blogfest)

  1. With satire, it’s easy to end up being what you’re criticizing if you aren’t careful with how you handle things. At least the author admits he doesn’t know what it might be.

    Watchmen would be a great choice for this blog fest as well.


  2. I don’t get the whole bomb, boobs thing but it seems it must be popular based on the number of same titled blogs. Hubby likes movies that blow up, guess that’s a guy thing. They’re always so unreal they don’t do much for me.


    1. There’s a certain appeal in mindless sex and violence. I can understand that even if I rarely participate… But I’ve got so many requirements for my “mindless sex and violence” movies that I’m not sure mine even counts. 🙂


  3. That cover sure objectifies everything I dislike about kick-ass urban fantasy heroines. I’ve a feeling the dialogues are not as racy as the graphics if the creator is aware of the satyre. Very good choice.


  4. This sounds like an interesting comic, and it might be worth checking out. Calling the collection Omnibust is a plus.

    I can’t comment since I haven’t read it, but it’s funny how sometimes exploitation pieces are more progressive than most mainstream fiction. Would you consider Bomb Queen among them?


    1. Possibly. I think it’s too far gone to be “progressive.” I was tempted several times to say “At the same time she’s an awesome sex-positive character!” but I can’t really say that about such a rapey comic. Buuuut the rapeyness is all part of an overall structure of awfulness and rampant crime, directed toward men women and children alike, so maybe that’s an improvement over older media where rapeyness was supposed to be romantic… I can say that she’s a woman with agency, though. I think the comic is saying things about culture at large more than exploiting women, so in some sense it is more progressive than a lot of things one might call “Blood boobs and carnage.” In this book the woman has a say. She can’t be replaced with a sexy lamp, as it were.


  5. *SIGH!* I really wish I had known about this “Blood, Boobs & Carnage Blogfest.” I would have loved to have contributed. A review of the first four issues of Alex DeCampi’s new Grindhouse anthology series from Dark Horse would have been perfect. Ah, well, I will probably write it up later this week.

    Anyway, I’ve never read Bomb Queen, but I’ve heard of the character, and I recall her making a guest appearance in Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon several years ago. (That’s another series that definitely falls into the “Blood, Boobs & Carnage” category!)


    1. Ah, shame! I neglected to announce my participation ahead of time, because I couldn’t think of anything to post until last night when I realized I could do books. Since it’s only a one-day blogfest, I’m sure it’s fine to reference it later on…

      She is part of the connected Image universe, which I find slightly hilarious, but come to mention it Invincible and such are actually quite violent as well…


  6. This sounds like a lot of fun and an interesting premise 🙂 I have a bone to pick with KickAss, it reveled in violence a bit too much to my taste without making a point. At least the movie did. Didn’t read a lot of the comic for the above mentioned reason…
    Also, “Omnibust.” LOL


    1. I actually much preferred the movie, I thought it was actually commenting on superhero culture. The book was more randomly violent to me. So yeah, don’t bother reading it. 🙂

      Hehe. Yeah.



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