Sunday Post — Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah!

Phew! Lots going on this weekend!

  • Participate in the April A to Z Challenge? Hit the afterparty at Victim to Charm!
  • See Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend? I did, and it was awesome. There’s an open thread for Avengers discussion (comics or movie) at Comparative Geeks.
  • Ever read Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore? Want to read it? Want to be in a currently-Christopher-Moore-centric book club? Check out the #LazyLambs Book Club discussion on Things Matter here, at Part Time Monster, and at Eclectic Alli.
  • Like sci-fi? Want to diversify your reading? I’ve got another book club to recommend, Non-Binary Book Club at The Lobster Dance. Currently reading Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie!
  • Speaking of queer books, don’t miss the #queerpop announcement, my exciting new Tuesday column on all things queer and pop culture!

And can we talk about all the awesome column announcements coming out of A to Z? There’s #queerpop, Part Time Monster’s Monster Mondays is another one, and I know more are coming. Leave yours in the comments, A-to-Z-related or otherwise!

In other news, eagle-eyed followers will note I don’t have a blogroll in the sidebar anymore, the idea being that it’s a pain to keep up-to-date. I’ll make more of an effort to do roundups and links in Sunday Posts, instead.

And lastly, I’ll be pinning the A to Z reflection to the top of my feed this week in case people come looking for it. Just scroll down for new posts this week, including a triumphant novel update with some links and such!


14 thoughts on “Sunday Post — Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah!

  1. Well I know even though I am very late to comment over here but still Age of Ultron was awesome and now I am waiting for the next part of the movie and for sure I will write the comment on same day.

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  2. Yeah, Age of Ultron is pretty good. Despite everything going on in the movie, Whedon still finds room to give every Avengers character their own personal arc that pays off by the end.


    1. His skill at writing teams is just really, really good. I thought there was too much going on in it for it to be quite as impactful as some of the other MCU movies, but it did what it came to do, I think. 🙂


  3. Yay thanks for the shoutout! I’m excited about the series coming out of A-Z. I don’t have one specifically, but I do have a lot of plans about new features unrelated to the Challenge. I’ll continue to blog about college periodically, but since I’ll be gone for almost four months it won’t be soon.

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