Review: Ms. Marvel #14

The second collected volume of Ms. Marvel, Generation Whyis now available! If you’ve been waiting for it, wait no longer! Spoilers below.

Ms. Marvel #14 cover

Ms. Marvel #14 starts right where the last issue left off, with Kamran revealing his identity as an Inhuman. This was a VERY quick issue. We skip along through some more date-y stuff, sneaking out to look at the city at night, it’s super adorable and perfect and romantic… But then Kamran turns out to be one of the villainous Inhumans rebelling against the queen and terrorizing New Jersey. That reveal didn’t take long. This arc is only just getting started, though, so there may be a few more Kamran twists before it’s over…

I liked how Kamala didn’t let Kamran pressure her into anything — she accepts a ride to school from him, but when he starts pressuring her to skip class and go meet someone with him, she immediately puts her foot down and says it’s not okay. Of course, that’s when he zaps her and takes her prisoner. There’s also a conversation between Bruno and Kamala’s brother about how her parents would never approve of Bruno so they can never be together. So there are a couple subplots going on here, the common thread being others trying to control Kamala’s fate based on her heritage. And of course now she’s in trouble because she broke some rules and accepted a ride from a boy. I’ve immediately got my hackles up, but so far the comic’s done a really good job of having Kamala respect her heritage without letting others dictate her choices, so I’m not going to get paranoid just yet!

Also, Adrian Alphona is once again absent from the art. No offence to Mr. Miyazawa, but I really want him back!

4 thoughts on “Review: Ms. Marvel #14

  1. I really like this version of Ms. Marvel. I’ll have to pick up the collected works, since I’m basing my opinion on the art alone at the moment (I skipped the spoilers!)


    1. The art is really good! There’s been a different artist the past two issues, and his art is lovely… but Alphona’s is just so full of sight gags and it’s an integral part of my Ms. Marvel experience at this point!

      But anyway yes do read the stuff. The art is not the only good part. 🙂

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