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The Sunday Post – Marvel Cinematic Universe

The happenings —

Y’all, I finished Agent Carter, and it is awesome. Peggy Carter is the best of everything. More please. My inner monologue is currently in Peggy’s accent, I pretend I’m Peggy at work (reports become codes, web searches become investigations…) and I may have already bought some clothes just because they looked like things she might wear.

In other news, are you reading Todd Alcott’s blog? You should be. He’s a screenwriter and amongst occasional shorter posts, he writes looooong breakdowns of movies, talking about why they work and how they’re structured. He just finished his Guardians of the Galaxy writeup and it’s very interesting indeed. Here’s part one.

These guys
I totally loved Guardians of the Galaxy before it was cool… buuut cool means great merch! I traded in for these at 2nd & Charles, but one’s a POP and the other one’s a Fabrikations, so you can get them wherever.

(FYI, I’m still super behind on blog-reading. I mention this occasionally in case you’re still following me but I haven’t been to your blog in two months. I’m sorry, I’m coming back!)

Coming up —

Monday is A to Z Theme Reveal day! I hope you’ll all be surprised and thrilled. There should also be a review and a writing post!

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. That Rocket Raccoon is adorable.

    And yes, Agent Carter was such a good show. Agents of Shield is good now, but it had a rough start. Carter was good from the start and stuck to a tighter plot, so as a whole it’s better than AOS season 1.


    1. Agreed. Agents of Shield is definitely good now, but it still doesn’t have that sense of focus that Agent Carter had from the beginning. The miniseries/TV series fusion did wonders for that.


  2. I feel like everyone is super behind in post-reading… Trying to chip away bit by bit…
    I love that I’m not the only one who ends up pretending in their head that they’re someone else… 🙂



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