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Tinker Bell Answers

We’ve reached the home stretch, friends! Quick-fire answers to all of Google’s random questions about Tinker Bell movies, to the best of my ability. I’d love to make you gifs and clips and stuff of some of these, but I can’t, so we’re making do… Links are provided where available.

If you want pictures, here’s the Disney Fairies gallery.

tinkerbell protagonist

This is Tinker Bell, but in changes to Rosetta in the Pixie Hollow Games short, partially to Zarina in The Pirate Fairy, and to Fawn in Legend of the Neverbeast. If you’re looking for information on the protagonist’s identity, that’s this post.

disney vidia a true rare talent

Here’s Vidia’s quote from Tinker Bell at 19:40. “I am a fast-flying fairy. A true rare talent. And this is but a small part of what I do. I make breezes in the summer, blow down leaves in the fall… my winds even brought you here, dear. Fairies of every talent depend on me.” I believe Queen Clarion also uses the phrase toward the beginning of the movie, and the whole thing is about how all the talents are rare and valuable.

tinkerbell i’m a tinker

Go to Tinker Bell 59:00. The exchange “Are you sure you can do this?” “Yes! Because I’m a Tinker!” comes after whole movie of Tinker Bell trying to switch her talent to something else, so it’s a big moment.

disney fairies at mainland with humans

This happens in the second movie, The Great Fairy Rescue.

the story tinkerbell friends great fairy rescue in the pixie hollow image

Official gallery.

tinkerbell scowling

This happens pretty regularly — probably at least once per movie Tink ends up with a red face. Or maybe you’re looking for the original…

Disney Blog

 tinkerbell secret of the wings words

Well, Secret of the Wings is the first time books are shown in the Disney Fairies movies… Or perhaps you’re looking for vocabulary? You might have fun with all the winter words: frost, snow, ice, winter, glacier, etc.

tinkerbell and the secret wings robots pictures

I have no idea what you’re looking for. Somebody help me.

literacy week ideas of the cast of tinkerbell secret of the wings

Since this is the movie with books in it, it’s probably a good choice. Talk about how books helped the characters, are fun for the characters, differ in Pixie Hollow, etc. Let kids make their own wing books!

periwinkle ask if terence is tink’s boyfriend

Secret of the Wings 28:25, during the getting-to-know-you montage. “Is he your boyfriend?” “Ehhh…”

www . tinker bell and his boyfriend

You may be confused, but see above.

Periwinkle“secret of the wings” queer

I’ve seen blog posts saying people feel like Periwinkle is lesbian, for no particular reason. So, if that’s your feeling, you’re not alone.

periwinkle sex with tink

See above. Doesn’t happen in the movies, but I’m sure there’s a fanfic out there to meet your needs.

tinkerbell in the cold wings breaking

Secret of the Wings 54:00.

tinkerbell replacement wings

She doesn’t get replacement wings when they break, they heal… But maybe you’re looking for something from the Disney Store?

who is the book nerd in tinker bell

His name’s Scribble. Based on Legend of the NeverBeast, I’d say he’s not just a denizen of the library, but the actual librarian.

tinkerbell and the pixie hollow games terence

He’s barely in it. Try The Lost Treasure, that’s the one where he’s a substantial character.

tinkerbell the pirate fairy conflict

Zarina v society, experimenting with pixie dust and breaking the rules. Tink and her friends v Zarina, trying to get the dust back. Fairies v pirates, when the truth comes out!

after zarina changes the fariys dresses how do they look

The Pirate Fairy dresses

zarina the pirate fairy dress up

Another link to the Disney Store.

are the pixie hollow movies going to introduce peter pan

Not that I know of, and that would be a pretty big change from the Tink we have in this series. I’d guess they’ll just keep hinting at it.  It’s not consistent, though… there’s a baby Wendy in the first movie who’s about five, but then in The Pirate Fairy we see an early Captain Hook who’s about twenty. So, Wendy’s only a few years too young, while Hook is 15-20 away from fully formed. The simplest explanation is that the little girl isn’t “our” Wendy, just some other girl with the same name.

questions for pirate fairy

  • What is Zarina’s motivation? How does it change throughout the movie?
  • Compare and contrast Tinker Bell and Zarina. 
  • Could you tell the pirates were lying to Zarina? How?
  • Did Zarina deserve to get fired at the beginning of the movie? How should that scene have gone?

tinker.bell.and.the never beast crying children

I cried. Other reviewers cried. GeekDad says it’s like saying goodbye to a pet, and it is. You know your child, you know if this will be a problem.

history of tinkerbell

I’m sure this could be a whole series of posts on its own, but I can do no better than the Wikipedia page.

why arent they going to make anymore tinkerbell movies

They are! They have!

gorgeous pixie hollow images

Another link to the gallery.

pixie hollow state college

Er… no idea.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my search terms. Watch the Tinker Bell movies, they’re awesome!!

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