The Sunday Post – G. Willow Wilson!

I’m currently reading the four-volume Vertigo series Air by G. Willow Wilson, the writer behind Ms. Marvel and the author of Alif the UnseenI’m making my way through her earlier works, and so far I’m still impressed! Air is odd, it’s about a flight attendant who’s afraid of heights… And it turns out she has crazy dream-flying powers. It’s one of those comics where characters make philosophical speeches about what things “really” mean — symbols exist independently of and dictate the reality of the things they represent, for instance. Sometimes it seems brilliant, other times I don’t get it at all, but the comic is great.

I’m a day behind on my 30 Days of Yoga, I spent all day Friday moving stuff for a yard sale and wasn’t up for more exercise, but I’ll double-up one day soon. The poses are already getting much easier — it really doesn’t take long to acclimate to short practices.

We’ve got more Tinker Bell coming up this week, possibly some more Loki, and if I get real ambitious we may have an actual history post or some such… Although if I’m good I oughta be pre-writing April A to Z posts!


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