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The Sunday Post — Free e-book, Agent Carter, Jupiter Ascending, and yoga!

Feminist Bloggers coverThe Feminist Friday discussion hosts are releasing an ebook today, International Women’s Day! Feminist Bloggers: The 2014 Collection is available for free on Smashwords (digital formats include Kindle mobi, epub and pdf). You can also get it on Amazon if you desire, but the minimum price we could get is $.99. Any proceeds will go to a to-be-announced charity — nothing will go anywhere until we decide and announce which one, of course. It collects last year’s posts, complete with links so you can go back and check out the discussions. Send it to your friends — or y’know, yourself, if you’re like me and epically confused by Doctor Who minisodes and other such releases. And I promise no one will mind if you leave comments on old posts! The collection is edited by Natacha Guyot, foreword by Gretchen Kelly, afterword by Gene’O. Other contributors are David B. Cox II, Diana Gordon, Leah Zoller, and Sabina Leybold. The cover was designed by Jennifer Miller (using a background by Rose B. Fischer).

I’m finally watching Agent Carter… doing it at this exact moment, in fact, which is why this post is late. It’s awesome, as I knew it would be. More focused than Agents of SHIELD has ever been. And if I could be Peggy Carter sometime in the near future, that would be super…

Jupiter Ascending posterSaw Jupiter Ascending yesterday, and it was AWESOME, but also REALLY BAD. If you’re a sci-fi fan, I think you should see it. It’s so “retro sci-fi,” but just enough… It’s also quite modern in content and style. Sometimes that’s a good thing — oh GOD the alien dino-dragon guys — sometimes it falls flat. The performances are good (Eddie Redmayne!) and questionable (Mila Kunis). It’s Doctor Who-ish. It’s The Last Starfighter meets Elysium. I’m still kind of obsessed with it. Despite its flaws, I feel like it’s a movie for us. For sci-fi fans, for kids who liked to look at the stars and dream about aliens. Especially for girls who did that. The female gaze isn’t perfect either, but it means a lot just that it’s for me. Not that I’m “allowed” to watch it, but that it’s for me. 

Week One update on 30 Days of Yoga — After a week’s worth, I can report that the practices are around an “early-intermediate” level. There are modifications to make it easier, but I’d suggest some beginner stuff first so you’re familiar with the poses and modifications. For me, I’m happy to report that I was sore and tired for days 3-6, but (having expected that and continued on,) am now starting to feel much better than I did before I started the practices. I love that Adriene reminds us to smile as part of her flows. “Breathe in, upward-facing dog, smile…”

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post — Free e-book, Agent Carter, Jupiter Ascending, and yoga!

  1. I’ll probably watch Jupiter Ascending eventually, but I’m not interested enough to see it in theaters. Yeah, Agent Carter is a good show that tells a tighter, more focused story than Agents of Shield’s first season at least. As I write this, I’m re-watching the 3rd episode as part of my pre-Age of Ultron marathon of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  2. I love that you loved Jupiter Ascending! It got such bad reviews (probably deserved) but I loved it too! It was such a fun movie to watch.


    1. I’m glad somebody else loved it! I can’t disagree with the complaints, but I loved it all the same. 😀

      Pretty typical for me though. I loved Cowboys & Aliens too. I loved Battleship, for goodness sake. I just really love space opera I guess!



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