Review: Ms. Marvel #12

Welcome to the Ms. Marvel Valentine’s Day special! This issue takes place before the events of Axis! Score! That means I won’t get spoiled! Also — I just found out that S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 was about Kamala, because I saw it in a store. It’s a nice little story, check it out if you want to see all Kamala’s appearances, but it’s nothing extraordinary.

Ms. Marvel #12 cover

Speaking of “nothing extraordinary,” this issue seemed pretty light and filler-y for me. A fill-in-the-blanks Valentine’s special about truth potions in the punch at a high school dance. It seemed like the characters were just saying what you’d expect them say, it didn’t have that spark of originality and depth. I was really looking forward to seeing my two favorite characters meet, but they hardly even talk to each other and when they do, it’s a surface-level conversation. So, I guess we finally have an issue of Ms. Marvel that’s not as good as the rest. Hey, it happens. Maybe it was the time constraints, doing an extra issue in between two regularly-scheduled releases.

Ms. Marvel #12 Bruno
But Bruno’s being awesome about it, like he always is!

The main significance of this issue is its confirmation that Bruno likes Kamala. I figured he did, but it looks like we’re setting up an unrequited crush thing. Kamala doesn’t seem to realize what he was trying to tell her, and the description of issue #13 has her crushing on a new arrival of some kind. So, I just hope this arc works out well and doesn’t get too “high school soap opera” before its done.

And they do call Loki “Hipster Viking” the whole time, which makes up for a lot!

2 thoughts on “Review: Ms. Marvel #12

  1. Every now and then, you need a filler issue that’s just fun. Even so, this still has touches of character development and a few confirmations with Kamala’s supporting cast. Also, spiking fruit punch with a truth serum is creative.

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