The Sunday Post – A to Z!

As you may have noticed from the snazzy sidebar logo, I’ve officially signed up for the Blogging from A to Z challenge in April! I couldn’t do it last year because of school and finals, but I’ve had my eye on it ever since. I’ve got my theme and letters all planned out — I waited until I knew for sure I had all the letters before I signed up, because I’m me — but for now, it’s a secret. Your only hint is that I’ve got to read a few books before I can do all the posts. 😉

I’m also thrilled to be contributing an A to Z post to Sourcerer in the middle of April, the topic of which is also currently a secret, but check out that announcement post for A to Z tips! 😀

Coming Up:

A little writing discussion, Ms. Marvel’s Valentine’s Day special, #1000Speak, and a Pamela post.

I’m only a few issues behind on Loki now, and I’d meant to catch up before his appearance in Ms. Marvel on Wednesday, but I finally decided to just wait until after Axis comes out in March. I’ve finished Loki’s “March to Axis” issues and the first page of the next issue already had Axis spoilers, and I really want to read that event, sooooo… Yeah. I read a lot of comics out of order, but I don’t actually like doing it that way, it’s just a necessity for older comics.

7 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – A to Z!

  1. Yay A to Z! I’m looking forward to giving it a run this year… REALLY need to get prepping… I KNOW I was too ambitious in what I have decided to do, so am trying to gear it back a little to, you know, not make myself crazy.


  2. Ha! We were linking to one another at almost exactly the same time. I didn’t ping you, but you’ve got a front page link in my preview that just published about three minutes ago.

    Best of luck with the A to Z.



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