Review: Ms. Marvel #11

Ms Marvel 11 cover

Ms. Marvel #11 is the final installment in the four-issue “Generation Why” storyline, finishing off the Inventor’s arc. It feels like it’s been a long time since the last issue and I think this is one of those times when serial storytelling isn’t at its best. This whole issue is about polishing off the arc, but it’s been seven weeks since I last paid attention to that story, so the emotions just aren’t there. However! It’s still a quality issue, and I appreciate the structure we’ve used so far, where each story is relatively discrete and it’s clear when one arc ends and another begins.

Kamala is still brilliant. In this issue we learn she’s had a contingency plan for calling in the police the whole time, which I think is particularly good forethought. Also, we learn that Bruno subscribes to Dropkick Enthusiast and has a pet… chinchilla? Or fluffy mouse?

Ms Marvel 11 Bruno

After some fisticuffs with an enormous robot, the Inventor is arrested, which seems to mystify him.

Ms Marvel 11 Inventor

Then, in a classic villain move, he tries to escape and ends up falling to his death under the wreckage of the giant robot. But wait…! As I always suspected, it doesn’t stop with the Inventor. Mr. PhD is the one who cloned the Inventor, and presumably orchestrated quite a lot of this scheme… and Mr. PhD is still alive. Dum dum duuuuuuum…

And the letters page is back! Woot! I love the letters pages, especially on this series, and Marvel had stopped doing them for a couple months there. Thank you for bringing them back, Marvel! Also, #KamalaCon is going on right now! It’s kind of an online Ms. Marvel convention with a lot of great fanart and such.

Aaaand the next issue is a special Valentine’s Day issue on February 18, and it has Loki in it, so guess who’s catching up her Loki reviews in the next two weeks? Yep, it’s me. 😉

5 thoughts on “Review: Ms. Marvel #11

  1. One of the things that makes this series so delightful is Adrian Alphona’s visual gags and Easter Eggs he slips into the pages, and there’s almost an overload of them in this issue. For example, there’s a random skeleton with an umbrella on the first page and there’s a rat inside the machine sucking on a lollipop. There’s no competition – Ms. Marvel is my favourite comic of the week.



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