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The Sunday Post – Superhero TV

I was going to have all this great news, but actually all those updates will happen in posts this week, because it’s the first of the month and it’s time for monthly updates!

I’ve finally finished Arrow season 1. The finale was full of people being incredibly stupid, but yes, I will get caught up eventually (and watch Flash).


I’ve also finally finished Agents of Shield season 1. Everyone was telling the truth — it gets much better after the big twist stemming from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I was initially concerned they wouldn’t be able to recoup their losses after that first-season misstep, but yesterday I marathoned the first six episodes of season 2, and it is AMAYZING. Remember when you had all those hopes for that Coulson-centric spy-and-superhero show, and they were crushed under an anvil of boring writing and infantile characters? COME BACK. Season 2 is everything you wanted from season 1, and the character development in season 1 does actually amount to something. Plus, the show is now much more diverse — more women, multiple ethnicities, what’s shaping up to be a stellar disabled character — AND the new characters are WAY better than the old ones.

I will watch Agent Carter but haven’t started it yet — probably after I catch up with AoS. 

I still love Gotham, and I still haven’t bothered watching Constantine — should I?

Coming Up:

  • The first Project Reading Rainbow update (with giveaways!)
  • Ms. Marvel review
  • Novel update
  • Pamela series part 5

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – Superhero TV

    1. I don’t think I’ve heard anybody say anything bad about Agent Carter yet! I definitely recommend catching up on Gotham and AoS, as they’re both getting more complex over time.


  1. Love Arrow/Flash/Agents of SHIELD! Agent Carter is waiting on my DVR. So is Gotham, but lower on my priority list.

    I actually just started watching Constantine. I’ve never read the comics, but Constantine reminds me of Harry Dresden in a way, and he is definitely the best thing about the show. It’s been a little monster-of-the-week in the first few episodes, but they are getting better. I’ve been having fun with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it got cancelled.


    1. I love Gotham, but opinions are sharply divided on the internet. 🙂

      I’m passingly familiar with the comics and have enjoyed them, but the show just looked really low-quality to me, and pretty much a Supernatural knockoff. I’ve heard better things after the first episode, though, so once we see how season 1 plays out I’ll probably give it a try.

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  2. You should proceed with caution concerning Arrow…I dropped the show after the season 3 premiere, even though I really liked the end of season 1 and the start of season 2.

    Agent Carter is awesome!!!!! Don’t miss it!

    Didn’t watch Constantin, but looking on the ratings I fully expect it to get cancelled soon. So you might want to wait until you know if the show has a proper ending.


    1. I’ve heard people talk about dropping Arrow late in season 2 or at the beginning of season 3, so I guess I’ll just have to see. Definitely waiting on more info about Constantine.


  3. Oh, you’re in for a treat with the last two episodes of Agents of Shield that you haven’t watched yet. The mid-season finale is probably the best episode of the series yet. Also, Agent Carter is fun so far although I wouldn’t call it Agents of Shield season 2 good.

    I’ve heard some very good things about Flash but haven’t watched any of it yet. Then again, I didn’t start watching Agents of Shield until it was half-way through it’s first season. I’m kind of slow when it comes to watching TV that way.

    Also, Ms. Marvel!



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