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4 Favorite Christmas Books

Looking for something festive to read this Christmas? Perhaps something beyond the usual run of A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express? Look no further! Here are four of my favorite little-known Christmas books.

A Bad Kitty Christmas coverA Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty is a delightful series that combines picture books with easy readers. This is one of the picture books. When Bad Kitty doesn’t get the presents she wants, she goes on a rampage and ends up lost in the city, where she meets a sweet elderly lady who teaches us all about family. It’s a great book, and it’s also notable because the lady has a remarkably diverse family, including a lesbian couple and people of various skin colors.

Herobear and the Kid coverHerobear and the Kid by Mike Kunkel

Do you like books about toys coming to life? Do you like cartoony superhero comics? Do you like crying about cartoony superhero feels? Do you like Santa Claus? Me too.

Season for Surrender coverSeason for Surrender by Theresa Romain

A rich playboy takes on a wager that he can keep a bluestocking at his outrageous Christmas party for the full two weeks… The title and cover make this Christmas romance look like a formula bodice-ripper, but it’s not. It’s funny, an extremely light take on “historical,” but there’s surprising emotional depth as well. This is a romance for introverts and bookworms.

Batman Noel coverBatman: Noel by Lee Bermejo

This is the Batman version of A Christmas Carol that you’ve always wanted. Casting Batman as Scrooge, supported by rhyming narration and gorgeous snowy art, the conceit holds up incredibly well.


What’s your favorite holiday-themed read?

21 thoughts on “4 Favorite Christmas Books

      1. I think that one’s Fluke, and honestly it’s the most confusing/unfunny of the bunch that I’ve read. I’d say give Stupidest Angel or Lamb a go and if neither of those does it for you, it may not be your cuppa.



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