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Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

Anybody remember Hoops & Yoyo?
Anybody remember Hoops & Yoyo?

There went another week!

I’m having one of those days where I look at what I’ve done and think “Really? Three months of work and this is all you’ve got?” But here’s a to-do list updated from last week:

  • Finish the unimportant part of Pamela. 
  • Skim a few more sources and integrate them, particularly where I only cite one source for several pages. (1 of 4)
  • Make any structural changes I want to make.
  • Do a deep read-through to create seamless transitions, tie everything back to my argument clearly, and make those perspective changes regarding the sources at the end. (Half done).
  • Convert parenthetical citations to footnotes. (Partially done)
  • Edit out 2-4 pages (projected).
  • Re-send to professors, and make any other necessary edits.
  • Create a poster presentation for History Day in November.
  • Consider sending to a call for papers.
  • Share it with y’all! 🙂

I’m woefully, woefully behind on reading other blogs, and I’m very sorry. I’m at least a month behind on most blogs, but I swear I’ll catch up soon!

Coming up this week, I have an exciting collaboration with the excellent blog Therefore I Geek scheduled for tomorrow! I think this article is quite relevant to y’all’s interests and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. You can expect a reblog if and when the article goes up. Then Wednesday is Ms. Marvel day, and Friday will be about the paper again…

What are you up to this week?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

  1. Ahh senior thesising. I’m staring down that barrel next year. Twice. *shudders* Yay for double majors I guess. I will hopefully be getting funding for a huge history research project over the summer too – so if you have any thesis types send them my way, haha.

    I don’t think I have even heard of that book but I’ll have to look into it! Best of luck!

    XO – Katie @ paperbackplanes.blogspot.com


  2. I completely get falling behind on blog reading. Because of Nanowrimo, I’m falling way behind on my YouTube watching (and considering I co-run a video game channel with a friend and we have regular contact with fellow Tubers, it’s kind of important I catch up sooner or later.)

    First drafts for a major project for school always seem to go slowly. I had the same feeling when I had to research for my magazine articles during my last semester of Journalism. I’m sure you’ll pull it off; you just have to find the right pace to get things done without rushing it.


  3. “Little Things” always take forever to do — I had thought it a brilliant idea to use parenthetical as shorthand notes to myself for citations — and then it took ages to get the footnotes set up. Seriously, I spent hours with the librarian/citation-expert (and then an additional few hours on my own) going through my citations to get them all correct (and untangled, some were pretty complicated). And the expansion of sources… so necessary but such a headache — at one point my adviser made the comment, “so is this just a summary of Guggisburg?” Just because that guy was the one who actually had written much of anything recently and had compiled most of the materials I needed into places I could get to them… I thought of digging up more sources as being something of a scavenger hunt -which helps, a little….
    As for me, this week I’m starting the list of “things to research when the draft of this novel is done so that I can make it better” 🙂 Medieval torture techniques; best ways to kill someone quickly, as painlessly as possible; potential political structures to model things after, and some of their inner workings; fun things like that.



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