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Sunday Summary 11/2 – Friends are Awesome: Webcomics, Games, Halloween, Romance

It’s funny how themes just develop for these things every week. I don’t do it on purpose, I just keep track of things I want to talk about here, and a theme usually emerges. The theme for this week is friends introducing me to things!

The cool link today is for the webcomic Band vs. Band, which my friend Elyssa from Only Fragments linked me to back in the “Where to Find Strong Female Characters in Comics” discussion. As she described it, “Lady-fronted rival bands set in a Jodie and the Pussycats-esque universe, only way more queer.” I read half the archives that very day, and plan to finish them in the next week or so. I actually wanted to go as Honey Hart for Halloween, but I didn’t have time to get it together and figured not many people would recognize her — so I just have to get all my friends to read Band vs. Band before next Halloween!

Crochet Doctor was a present from my mom last Christmas...
Crochet Doctor was a present from my mom last Christmas…

Speaking of which, I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. This was the first year I really embraced costuming and whatnot, after a few stops and starts in years past, and it was great. Eclectic Alli’s Masquerade Ball seems to have gone very well, and was an atmospheric addition to the holiday. (More thoughts on my short story next week in my novel update!)

Also for Halloween I tried out the board game A Touch of Evil with some friends, a good choice for the holiday but probably more fun on the second playing. We were only just figuring out how to play when it’d been three or four hours and wanted to go home. On the subject of board games… I may be the last to the party, but I was introduced to Settlers of Catan by another friend yesterday. It’s a board game that reminds me of a cross between Munchkin and Monopoly. It’s super fun and easier to learn than either of those other games!

In TV news, Pied Piper will be on Flash! SO EXCITED. I mentioned him in my favorite characters post a couple weeks ago, and way back in June I was hoping he’d be on the show! They’ve cast a gay actor (Andy Mientus) in the role, so I’m extremely optimistic. Pied Piper, aka Hartley Rathaway, was also born deaf and remains fascinated by sound as a hearing adult. Y’all have no idea how awesome this character could be, seriously. (I haven’t started watching Flash yet, but I’ll be caught up by the time the Piper appears. I just have to get caught up on Arrow first so I can watch everything in order…) Thanks to Girl-on-Comicbook-World for the news!

I’ve been getting great romance book suggestions, but somebody really needs to make a romance novel directory. A website or an app that lets you browse romance books by location, subgenre, romantic situation, hero/heroine’s occupation, etc… It would just be lists, but there could also be a fun tool that asks you questions and delivers the perfect book recommendation. This is totally just so I can find more romances about historians/antiquarians/academics, because I can’t find any lists, but I’m sure other romance readers would love it too. Lots of people prefer romances about specific tropes, occupations, etc. Why does this not exist? And if it does, why is it not googlable?

I’m still super behind on reading y’all’s blogs, but I’m making headway.

Coming Up This Week:

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about holiday slowdowns for their blogs. Personally, I don’t stop reading blogs over the holidays. I actually have MORE time over holidays, a lot more. However, I’m already seeing a dip in traffic, and it probably doesn’t make sense to keep my usual posting going through November and December. I’m currently planning to keep posting about three times per week, but I’ll focus on some holiday posts, little personal posts, projects like Interesting Carictars (which presumably people will go back and catch up on if they so desire), and writing ahead for next year.

We’ll have a Who review tomorrow (first part of the finale)! I put off the paper draft again from last week since I was writing the Masquerade story and whatnot, so we’ll have that on Tuesday. Then, Thursday is my one-year blogiversary! Party party party! There’ll be stats if I have time, a commemorative post, and exciting plans for next year’s blogging. (There would usually be novel update and whatnot this week, first week of the month, but I’m putting it off until next week since this is a special occasion… 😉 )

11 thoughts on “Sunday Summary 11/2 – Friends are Awesome: Webcomics, Games, Halloween, Romance

  1. My blog won’t be slowing down for the holidays, just for November … or at least until I’m done Nanowrimo. If anything I’ll try to blog a bit more for December – maybe a few special posts about Christmas related comics from the past since I didn’t do enough of that last year. So far, I’ve been surpassing my goals so maybe I’ll be done sooner than expected. That would be great.

    I actually dressed up for the first time in years this Haloween … for a Nanowrimo kickoff party. I’ll probably have a pic when I do my first Nano blog post.


    1. Heh, I always get a ton done in the holidays, but stats always plunge. I don’t know why no one uses the internet when they have time off.

      Ooh, what were you? Is it a secret? 😀 That’s cool that there are Nano kickoff parties. I have some friends who do it every year, but widely dispersed geographically. (I never do it anyway, I’ve tried twice and hated it, but I still love the idea.)


    1. I know, right? We need a computer thingy designer up in here.

      Thank you for hosting! It was a really fun idea. I’ve actually been thinking of some kind of interactive story event for the future, mostly since I’m always looking for RP buddies… Out of curiosity, was Taliana a pre-existing character or did you create her and her house for the blog party?


      1. Taliana, her house, and her world were completely created for the Masque! And now I kind of HAVE to do it again, because I have come to adore her, and her world…and may end up writing some other story’s with her 🙂
        I want to do another interactive-blogging-thingy around a Birthday/Un-Birthday party in January (for my Birthday).. have to figure out what that will look like — but, yeah, I think my inner RP-loving-self comes out in those. Since the thing I have always loved about RP games has been the mutual-storytelling (which also makes me rather picky about what groups I play with).


        1. She was great! 😀

          I used to be really into forum-based RPs, mostly fanfic type settings, and then instant-messaging based RPs of my book characters. There used to be a big group of us, but we’re down to just two now. 🙂 (I tried D&D recently but there was way too much dice-rolling and basically no RP at all. I’m told it’s not always like that, but I don’t see the point of the dice at all when pure RP exists just fine. Anyway, rambling.)



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