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Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week
Weird Al, Neil Gaiman, and George R.R. Martin –

The Banned Books Week Blog Party was great, thanks entirely to you fine bloggers out there! I’m surprised and pleased by how many posts there were. My friend Gene’O of Sourcerer and Just Gene’O was kind enough to create a Pinterest board for all of them:

Here are my five posts from this week, in case you missed any amongst the reblogs:

This party was one of my best weeks stats-wise, but more importantly, the flurry of linking sent me to some really cool book blogs I’m now following, and I loved getting to talk to y’all about books that mean a lot to us. I was also pleased that so many people not only wrote about specific books, but also expanded the conversation to do book lists or overall discussions on censorship. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand the party next year, and I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you to everyone who participated!

But wait… there’s more!

I’m scheduled to host the Feminist Friday discussion here on October 3rd, on the subject of strong female characters in fiction. I’ve informally dubbed this week “Strong Female Characters Week,” and leading up to Friday, I’ll be posting daily lists of recommendations. I’d love for all you readers and story-lovers to come by and leave recommendations as we go along, and if you feel moved to write a whole post about female characters, you won’t hear me complaining. 😉 Of course, if you can only pick one day to visit, pick Friday and come prepared to discuss! These discussions often last all weekend, and the more the merrier. I’ll have a little intro post for the week tomorrow, before the first list of recommendations.

In that spirit, my cool link for the day is Take Back Halloween, a repository of costumes for women that do not involve the modifier “sexy.” I’d also like to go ahead and thank Poorly Thought Out Thoughts for the One Lovely Blog Award, because I’m already firing on all thrusters and doubt I’ll be able to do a real acceptance. Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week

  1. Thanks for hosting the party! I’ve never done that before, and it was fun. Found some great new blogs.

    And here I thought blogging was a solitary activity.



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