Reblog: Banned Books Week: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Last reblog, y’all — another important personal story. I’ll have more of a tie-up in the Sunday Summary tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Reshaping Reality

Inspired by the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by Hannah Givens over at Things Matter.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

I don’t remember exactly when I picked up this book. I’d put it anywhere between senior year of high school and second year of college. I was reading a lot of young adult novels back then, mostly because they were fast reads, and it was nice to just take a break from reading all that textbooks and English novels for class.

The reason this book stands out to me so much is the subject matter. A very traumatic moment happens to the main character, Melinda Sordino, and for months afterward, she stops speaking. People began to scorn her, rumors abound, and still she doesn’t speak up. Melinda begins to lose her friends, as one by one they drift away because of her weirdness. It is through her art class…

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