Review: Ms. Marvel #8

Ms. Marvel #8 cover

I totally thought Ms. Marvel #8 was out NEXT week! Why can I never keep this straight? I can’t believe it’s been eight months, either. But I’m subscribed on Comixology and issue #8 appeared in my inbox, so here we are again. Number 8 opens a new four-issue arc, and as the first issue, it touches on some of the same ground as the very early issues. It’s a lighter touch than those, of course —  just a reminder of the set-up and the supporting characters, as well as introducing the plot of this next little altercation with the Inventor (the Inventor is a cyborg cockatiel clone of Thomas Edison, if you missed that!) So, that’s really all I have to say about that, except this issue also begins with the promised appearance of Lockjaw:

Ms. Marvel #8 1 Lockjaw

If I say I love this comic, will you be surprised?

Look at his FAAACE…

Ms. Marvel #8 Lockjaw

Ms. Marvel #8 Lockjaw

I know that feel, Bruno.


Ms. Marvel #8 Lockjaw



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