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Semester Review: Summer 2014 (Constitutional Law)

I only took one summer class, back in June. It was Constitutional Law, a required class for my Political Science minor. It sounded super imposing — I mean, Constitutional Law! — but actually it was really interesting, because most of the time we don’t talk about the judicial system when we talk about America’s government. That’s basically what Constitutional Law was, an overview of how the judicial system works and the major court cases regarding different rights, like the right to privacy or the right to due process of law. We mostly just read court opinions, and we did have the benefit of a teacher skilled at starting conversation. Pretty interesting stuff for any of you amateur political scientists out there, and if you’re a polisci student, don’t be afraid of this class!

Other than that, I’m having one of those “What did I do all summer?” moments. You may recall that last spring was kind of awful, and honestly I think I spent most of my time just getting back to normal. That, and working to pay for this semester (done!), and blogging a lot more than I thought I would (love y’all!), and writing more than usual, too. I had lofty ambitions of writing like a maniac all summer when I wasn’t in school, and that didn’t happen, but I did write much more quickly than I have in the past (and better!), so I’m definitely calling that a win!


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