Review: Ms. Marvel #7

Ms. Marvel #7 cover


This issue finishes the Wolverine/Kamala team-up, and I am so sad to see it go. It was a thing of beauty.

Ms. Marvel #7 Wolverine

Most of the issue is about the two of them fighting the Inventor’s megagator, with Wolverine imparting wisdom as they go along. We discover that since the Terrigen bomb gave her powers, that means she’s an Inhuman. I had read a review of the new Inhumans comic (sorry I couldn’t find it to link) so I understood the reference and had already put 2+2 together, but I think it would also work as a vague reference that’ll be explained later on. (Wolverine doesn’t tell Kamala, he just knows. I’m not sure if he thinks it’s too much, or if it’s not his place to say, or what. I’ll reserve judgment for now.)

There are lots of funny parts, and one big art spread of them climbing up through the sewers that was a lot of fun, but this was my favorite panel:

Ms. Marvel #7 Wolverine

Wolverine says no, but I hope she finds a way anyway. She’s always wanted to be a hero to help people and inspire them, not to punch people. I love her.

Despite his dubious and cynical advice in this particular instance, Wolverine teaches her some valuable things. The whole time I was thinking that Wolverine really completes the ensemble, and there needs to be a character in that more mature superpheroing spot, even though having Wolverine there himself would obviously be overkill with the number of books he holds down. Never fear! Wolverine calls Captain America about Kamala, not just because she’s an Inhuman, but because he’s impressed with her, and Cap tells Medusa from the Inhumans. They send Kamala a new partner-slash-spy, but I won’t tell you who it is.

IT’S LOCKJAW! The big doggy!

I screamed. I’m not kidding, I literally went “AAAAAH!” and scared my cat.

I’m so happy.

One last thing. I highly recommend reading the fan letters on the last page. I’ve enjoyed them every month. In this issue they have several different letters about representation… One guy says he’s not Pakistani or Muslim, but he is gay. He writes, “I’ve faced discrimination before, I’ve felt like an outsider for who I am so seeing a character like Kamala come to life so triumphantly … really made me feel like Kamala was in part made for me.” Their response is, “Steven, this book IS made for you.” So awesome.

5 thoughts on “Review: Ms. Marvel #7

  1. It’s so refreshing to see such a risky series doing so well, especially considering how difficult Marvel has found it with female-led solo titles in the past. Issue 1 has entered its sixth printing, and this series deserves that kind of recognition and success. Such a great comic.


    1. Agree 100%. I know I make a special effort to get it every month to show my support, so maybe others are doing the same, since the usual argument is “They don’t sell well. If you want it, buy it.”


  2. I’m waiting until the collected volume 1 graphic novel comes out (28 Oct in the UK) and am very excited for reading this. I’ve been following your series of posts about Ms Marvel and just can’t wait to read it for myself!



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