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Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!

New to the Blogroll:

Romance Novels for Feminists. I’ve been kinda getting into romance this summer, just a teeny bit. I actually found this blog because I was trying to read Outlander and ended up throwing it down, crying out to the heavens as I have before, “DO ALL ROMANCE NOVELS HAVE TO BE SEXIST??” Well, no, they don’t! This is a great blog with reviews and some good discussions as well.

Also, here’s a post on Fit is a Feminist Issue about a sci-fi writer’s experience writing an overweight protagonist. Thoughts?

What I’m Up To:The Ashford Affair

The whole reason I’ve been reading romances is that a local library had a romance-themed summer program, and I like to win prizes. I also thought it would be fun to step out of my reading comfort zone a little. Friday night was the big finale event, with authors Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams, Suzanne Johnson, and Abbi Glines! It was really cool to hear from them — do y’all want a post about romance authors and perception of the romance genre? Anyway, Willig’s The Ashford Affair was the star of my summer romance reading, and I bought a copy to take so she could sign it. 😀

I launched a permanent page about What Dreams! It’ll expand over time, but there’s a little blurb, a couple links, and guides to my writing posts.

I finally started watching Arrow, and I’m hooked. I keep trying to make Batman knockoff jokes, and then I remember that’s kind of the whole point of Green Arrow from the beginning… It also reminds me of Birds of Prey (in a good way!) and Laurel is my favorite character. (Let’s all have a moment of silence in honor of my favorite being one of the female characters). I’m also digging the blonde IT chick who’s kinda awkward and yet also has the confidence and nerve to tell the head of her company how valuable she is.

I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon, and rest assured, if I come up with any interesting opinions, you’ll hear all about them. 😉

Coming Up This Week:

Maybe something about the romance event? Or maybe that Guardians of the Galaxy review.

The July novel update.

2-3 Interesting Carictars posts on poetry.

And more?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!

  1. Haha every time a villain I know from Batman shows up in Arrow I get so excited! We joke it’s like the best Batman TV show we’ll ever get. Felicity (blonde IT chick) is probably my favorite character, but I like Diggle a lot, too.


    1. 😀 You’re probably right there. I do like Diggle as well. I’ve seen five episodes now and I’m already really impressed with the character development for everyone, especially him.


  2. Feminist romance novels? I never thought I’d see those words together. Color me interested.

    I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday, and it is such a fun romp!


    1. There’s no reason there shouldn’t be feminist romance novels, after all! 🙂

      I saw it and enjoyed it a lot. I don’t have much else to say about it though, strangely, so I probably won’t review it unless I see the internet making allegations I want to answer.



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