Review: Ms. Marvel #6

Ms. Marvel #6 coverY’all, this is my FAVORITE ISSUE. My favorite! Ms. Marvel #6 begins the second story arc, but it flows pretty smoothly from the last one. We summarize a little time in which we learn Kamala Khan is trying to deal with the inventor’s robots cropping up all over the city. In the first few pages Kamala’s parents also force her to go to a kind of counseling at the mosque, which she initially resists, but it turned out to be great. Kamala didn’t want to lie, so she tells the teacher that she doesn’t want to lie but can’t tell him everything. She explains the reason she sneaks out and stays out late is that she’s trying to help people, but she’s not very good at it… So he tells her she’d better get a teacher to help her learn!

Ms. Marvel #6 Ms. Marvel #6

I could just leave that exchange here and be happy. But that’s not all that makes this my favorite issue. For one thing, I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t show you a quick picture of the villain — a cyborg clone of Thomas Edison whose DNA was mixed with a cockatiel’s. Also his bionic alligators.

Ms. Marvel #6 Thomas Edison

I’m not actually sure if Edison is the Inventor, or if it’s the guy who made him, or if they’re both working for the Inventor. Hopefully that’ll be answered in the next issue.

And, finally, this is the issue with the Wolverine team-up! And it. is. awesome.

Ms. Marvel #6 Wolverine

Kamala is a total fangirl and her fanfic of Wolverine and Storm in space was third-most-upvoted last month, as she tells him. I might’ve thought Wolverine would totally blow her off and go after the Inventor on his own, but he doesn’t — they actually mesh really well. She listens when he tells her what to do, especially when he tells her how to help in a fight, but she also stands up for herself and knows her own value to the investigation, and Wolverine accepts that usefulness rather than insisting it can’t exist. They also bond instantly on a personal level, which was hilarious. Apparently Wolverine doesn’t have his healing factor at the moment…

Ms. Marvel #6 Wolverine

It’s a great team-up, and thankfully, this issue stops in the middle of the story, so we’ll get more of it next month!



11 thoughts on “Review: Ms. Marvel #6

  1. Don’t know if you recalled (or at least, you certainly didn’t mention) that the teacher at the mosque is none other than the very same Sheikh Abdullah from #3…


  2. This series is almost too good. Kamala’s interactions with Wolverine are hilarious, and I could totally see myself reacting in a similar way if I met some of my favourite characters in real life.



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