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Trailer Tuesday/DC on TV/Anticipation for Representation

So I couldn’t pick a title. Think of it as Choose Your Own Adventure in title form! At any rate, I’ve been watching trailers for the new DC shows, and I have scowly fangirl thoughts.


Okay, it’s just one trailer. Maybe it’ll be different. Maybe the jokes will actually be funny, and the plots will actually be creative, and the characters will be nuanced, but right now it just looks like a lame Supernatural knock-off (and that’s saying something). The only reason I could possibly be excited is that John Constantine is bisexual in the comics. If that makes it into the show, then I’ll be thrilled. If bi representation is bad, and it is, bi representation for men in particular is even worse. But will that actually happen? Probably not… It’s usually avoided in the comics, too.


In contrast, I’m irrationally excited about this show. Batman is kind of done all the time, and I almost feel it would be a smarter move to just stick to second-tier stuff for TV and worry about Batman some other time, but there are a number of different directions to take this version. If it’s basically a cop show, I doubt I’ll care. But judging from the trailer, it would be possible to integrate the cop show vibe into a superhero narrative. It could actually be a show about GOTHAM. No city in superhero comics is remotely as interesting. Superhero origin stories are done to death, but this is kind of a prequel to an origin story, or an origin story that expands on what’s usually just a few lines of text or a quick montage — how does the child Bruce Wayne transform into Batman? There’s so much potential here! Plus, Jim Gordon is more the main character than Batman, so it kind of is a second-string show. The downside is I see very little diversity in this trailer, which is disappointing since they flash so many characters. Again, my excitement is irrational.


So I hated the smirk on his face in the promo pics. BUT the epic trailer that’s basically an entire pilot in five and a half minutes is really encouraging. Barry is still younger than I’d like, that’s basically true for any CW show, and the dialogue sounds bad, but I really like the tone. The Flash was always a fun and upbeat part of the DCU, with some zany villains and anti-villains. I think I’m looking forward to seeing them more than Barry himself! I adore the Rogues, and Pied Piper is not only awesomely amazing and one of my favorite characters EVER but also gay, so that could be a good opportunity for diversity. If they don’t dare give us a male bisexual lead in Constantine, maybe we could have a gay recurring anti-villain on Flash? In other news, I’m definitely feeling a Superman/Batman vibe with Flash and Green Arrow here, and I approve. (For those who have reservations about Flash’s mom getting fridged, it’s almost definitely related to some kind of Flashpoint-esque storyline. She’s probably not staying dead).


What do you think? Good news or bad?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t actually seen Arrow yet. I know, I know, it’s on Netflix and I have no excuse. Please don’t spoil it for me.)

7 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday/DC on TV/Anticipation for Representation

  1. I’ve only seen the first season of Arrow so far, but I really liked it, and Flash looks really good. I don’t know about the others, but I got chills watching the Flash trailer.


    1. I know, right? I hope more people get on board with the “mini-pilot” kind of trailer attitude, it worked SO well. Of course, I also hope the show lives up to it.


  2. I am squeamish about Constantine because I keep having flashbacks to that really bad Keanu Reeves moves. Hopefully they will do this version justice, we can only hope.

    As far as Gotham, I am reserving any sort of feelings on that until I see the first three episodes. And Flash, well, I am giddy as a school girl after seeing the above trailer. I hope that DC will finally begin to pull themselves out of the slump.


    1. I’m always so disappointed with DC — I’m a DC girl through and through, but Marvel’s over there doing such a slick job and then DC’s flailing around in its wake. Here’s hoping! Thanks for stopping by!



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