#FollowFriday and Post Roundup

I don’t do these kinds of things often, but I’ve been finding a lot of new blogs lately and my blogging friends have been posting some great stuff! Links are in no particular order.

Handmade Lingerie Along The Butch/Tomboy Spectrum” at The Lingerie Addict. TLA is a blog all about lingerie. Maybe not your cup of tea, but I love looking at the gorgeous pictures, and it’s a fully accepting and body-positive space. All shapes, sizes, and gender expressions are welcome!

Russian Medievalist Tolkien” at Grimella. This is a new blog I discovered through a random series of reblogs and links. The post contains a bunch of gorgeous medieval-style Lord of the Rings illustrations! I love me some illustrations.

Cultural Celebration Without Discrimination” at Chapter TK. This is an interesting post about replacing harmful or discriminatory cultural practices with nonharmful ones, retaining the cultural significance. I’d love to see more discussion or personal experiences with this.

Redefining Disability #14: What I Want to See In Representation (And What I’m Sick of.)” at Rose B. Fischer. I link to Rose all the time, yes. But this post is the culmination of a long series on disability in the media, and everyone should read it, especially story creators as the series goes forward.

Net Neutrality Explained and a New Late Night Show Found” at Comparative Geeks. CompGeeks and John Oliver explain what you can do to maintain the internet as it is and prevent cable company fuckery. CompGeeks is another great blog, I especially love their LitFlix on books turned into movies.

The Feminist Friday discussions at Part Time Monster and Sourcerer (and a few other blogs). These have been going on for a while now, and I heartily recommend checking it out if you’re at all interested in, well, the world’s well-being. Both PTM and Sourcerer are must-reads for the intersection of pop culture and real-life issues.

“My Top 10 Songs About Writing” at Cindy Grigg. I forget how I came across Cindy, but she’s got a writing blog that’s terribly helpful as well as engaging and fun to read. I got a lot of use out of “The World’s Most Thorough Stereotypical Female Character Flowchart” as well!

I’ve shared several of these on my Facebook page this week, and will continue to share interesting stuff there, so be sure to like! I didn’t have time to chase down some other posts I remember seeing, but check out the blogroll on the right for some new additions. What are you reading this week?

4 thoughts on “#FollowFriday and Post Roundup

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I agree. I’ve only heard of switching out one practice for another with FGM. I’d be interested to see if this has been attempted with any other harmful practices. Whether or not it would work probably depends on the culture and the meaning behind the practice.

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