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“Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”: I Love Tinker Bell Now

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure DVD cover

First off, I’m happy to see the same characters again in the opening montage, especially the little bluebirds. Kids like to see the same characters again, and so do I! I’d worried about the baby bird!After the establishing action, Tink travels beyond the borders of Pixie Hollow on a quest to secretly fix a magic stone she broke. In fine fairy-tale fashion, Tink learns to be kind to those she meets along the way, and makes some new friends, including the adorable firefly Blaze. I also liked the focus on friendship between Terence and Tink, instead of trying to force a romance into a movie for young kids.

Tink’s character in particular is more like her Peter Pan incarnation this time, quick to anger and a bit capricious, and it included some of her distinctive mannerisms, like stomping one foot. A heroine shouldn’t have to be sweet-tempered, and I like to see the source material recognized. I also really liked the way it showed how once one person gets angry and lashes out, it starts to spread from person to person.

Parents: This movie doesn’t have a villain, so if your kids are scared of villains or you just want a movie that doesn’t have them, check it out! There are some scary red-eyed rats that chase them and try to eat Blaze, but the movie is all about Tink learning to deal with her own anger, not about her coming up against some evil force or a bully like Vidia in the first movie.

I continued to enjoy the fusion of magic and technology using tiny items, and the animation is gorgeous. I particularly loved the fairy-tale-telling scene, and how Tink solves problems with her brain and engineering skills. This whole movie is just a step beyond the first in terms of plot, character development, animation, and originality. I have now been won over!


5 thoughts on ““Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”: I Love Tinker Bell Now

  1. Very happy to see you post reviews of the other movies. I loved Blaze in it. I agree on all the other points you make, including how they didn’t force the romance between Terrence and Tink, letting them be friends.

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