Review: Ms. Marvel #4

I don’t have a #YesAllWomen story. I don’t have an argument or an observation that will blow the lid off everyday misogyny. What I do have are comic books. I spent a while trying to think of a feminism post, and I still might come up with something, but I decided to keep doing what I always do: Finding good stories that I can enjoy without feeling guilty, that I can be glad to support with my money, and that I can recommend to others. Ms. Marvel is (still) one of those stories.

Ms. Marvel #4 cover


In issue #4 we’ve finally finished setting up the basics for the series, and things are starting to happen. At the end of the last issue, Kamala was shot while trying to stop a robbery in her friend Bruno’s convenience store. Well, she’s fine, but she told Bruno about her powers (yay!) He obviously has a thing for her, but he seems sweet and I like that they’ve been friends since long before the series started. Bruno’s brother was the one trying to rob him, and Bruno wants to help his brother out of the mess he’s in, which is how Kamala gets involved with a bigger problem — someone called The Inventor who apparently invents flying robots like Megamind’s.

Kamala also gets her costume in this issue, or at least an early version of it. She doesn’t have the Ms. Marvel lightning bolt yet, but she’s wearing a burkini as her self-designated costume. A burkini, according to Wikipedia, is a Muslim bathing suit that covers everything but is made of light swimsuit material so swimming isn’t onerous. I thought that was pretty clever, since superheroines’ costumes are traditionally “bathing suits!”

I’ll be looking forward to seeing Kamala and Bruno’s relationship develop, whether it becomes romantic or if they become partners in crimefighting on some level, or if he’s just the first member of her supporting cast. This was my favorite exchange from the issue:

Ms. Marvel #4 Bruno and Kamala

People tell me I’m too critical of female characters and I pay too much attention to the women in a story, but there’s a point and a purpose to it. Good stories can change people’s minds. The state of our stories tells us about the state of our lives, and the two are intimately connected. Buy Ms. Marvel — it’s great, and it’s one of the most important comics being published right now. The more people who read it and talk about it, the better.

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