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All My Batman Loot

Jeremy Defatta asked for pictures/descriptions of people’s Batman collections. So, I hauled out all my stuff and took a bunch of pictures, because that’s the kind of thing I do at 11:00 pm.

Batman memorabilia

I have a problem.

(But seriously though, I didn’t go out and buy most of this stuff, it’s a venerable tradition to give me Batman loot on all gift-giving holidays, and I also spend a lot of time lurking where used books are sold and traded… If we were counting Batman stuff I’ve checked out from the library over the years, it probably wouldn’t fit on that table.)

This is all my stuff that’s strictly Batman, no crossovers or team stuff, and not including Batfamily. Also not including some loose issues and a game/some digital comics on my Kindle. I also forgot to put in Knightquest, and some of those novels aren’t Batman/a couple novels are missing because I had Batman in one hand and other superhero novels in the other hand and put down the wrong stack.

Details in case people want reviews or something:


Three Batman T-Shirts



Funko Batman, Pez dispenser, earrings, and a bracelet made of scenes from Hush:

Poster, metal sign, plushie, and live-action movie serials/movies:


Animated Batman:

Batman animation

Graphic novels I own and have read:

Batman graphic novels


Batman graphic novels I own and have not yet read:

Batman paperbacks

Batman novels and one nonfiction book:


So yeah. I love Batman. Link your pics to the post here!



15 thoughts on “All My Batman Loot

  1. Wow, that’s a great Batman collection! Really like the animated series, see you have a set of those, and some awesome graphic novels. I really like Long Halloween and the Greatest Batman stories ever told. Great volumes! I see you also have a novel of Untold Legend of the Batman, didn’t know they did those! I have the original issues of that series, it was really good. One of my fave graphic novels is Arkham Asylum, I read it the other day actually, brilliant! Have a great weekend and enjoy your Baman books and DVD’s πŸ˜€


    1. Yep The Batman is my favorite of the animated shows, but I’ve got a lot left to see! I’ve had Long Halloween for ages and people keep telling g me how awesome it is, I’ve really got to read it!


      1. Yes, I really like the animated series as well. It looks amazing, especially that title sequence. Long Halloween is really good, sure you will love it when you read it.


  2. That’s great loot! I don’t have anything Batman, despite having watched some of the movies and planning an eBook project on female characters in them. I’m happy to see others’ collections in the meantime! πŸ™‚



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